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Welcome to the last post of 2018. As far as this blog is concerned, it is the most important and beneficial post. Please read on and try to make some sense out of it.

Business opportunities will always come, different types and in different forms. However, it is difficult to identify which among every opportunity that cross your path, will land you the desired millions. The financial formula that fail to work for the other man may be a breakthrough for you. But how will you know if you keep doubting that something good will come out of anything. Yes, there are online scams here and there but there are also viable online businesses that have turned many people to millionaires and create financial freedom for others. 

One important thing to know is that, to succeed in an online business, you need to be committed, consistent and determined. Often times, you don't even need large sum of money to start. I have a full time job as a software engineer but I've been an internet enthusiast right from 2004 when internet was still big deal in Nigeria. I've tried my hands on many online businesses and I have decided to share with you the best 3 that has worked wonders for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not here to make you a millionaire overnight but surely show you online strategies to relief you financially.

We all have financial goals we set to achieve earlier in the year but unable to because we at one time or the other had to divert funds. There are bound to have unexpected expenses especially in a country like Nigeria. You may have tried your hands on many things to create alternate source of income but to no avail. Trust me, I have too. I failed in many but I didn't stop until I stumble on what works. Sharing online businesses that work for me is a plus for whoever is reading this post as you don't have to go through all the trials and failures I went through. Why not do something different in 2019. Set aside as little as #5000, read up the options below and give any of them a trial. This is not the time for excuses, such a meager amount is what many people with spend in a sitting, especially during this festive season. 

Like I said earlier, there are three online business opportunities I want to share with you. Some, you may have heard of but I bet you'll come back thanking me if you try them. Here we go.


Naira Stash is an online community that reward active members in three ways stated as follows:
  1. Activity bonus: you are rewarded for staying online and sharing referral links on social media and so on.
  2. Affiliate Marketing Commission: When you become a member of Naira Stash, some links are made available on your profile. This are links to products on online shops. You get paid whenever people buy products using the links you share. Let's say, some clicked an affiliate link you share on facebook and purchased products from that link, you get 10% commission. Imagine selling #100,000 worth of products in a day.
  3. Multilevel Referral Bonus: This is the major cash cow. When you convince someone to join the community using referral link on your profile, you'll get 25% commission of the person's registration fee. You'll get paid up to the third level. What this means is that when the person you refer bring someone in, you get paid too and it goes on and on the the third level down-line. People run away from referral networks but I urge you to be smart because platforms like Facebook, twitter and other social networks are making referrals easy, especially for networks that require just #2000 to register
Naira Stash only require a one-time payment of #2000 to access its earning channels. Click here to get started today.


This is another trending cash cow from the telecom industry. A thriving VTU community that pays members bonuses from airtime recharge, data subscription, cable subscription and payment of light bills. On RAGP you get 20% bonus for any member you refer. Like I said in section 1, referral should not be a problem if you're ready to use the social media to your advantage. I have a dedicated post on RAGP. I advise you read it up here for more information. As long it people buy airtime and pay bills, RAGP members will always earn.


Konga is one of the largest online shopping mall in the Nigeria. A platform for buyers and sellers. Many will think you need at least hundreds of thousands to start as a client or merchant on Konga. This is not correct. With as little as #5000, you can start selling stuffs on Konga. Konga charges as low as #1000 per month but trust me you'll make enough money to keep up every month. Okay let's say you have #5000 and register with #1000 on Konga. The question is;

What can I sell with #4000?
 The answer to the question above is the sale of such things as quality pads and pantiliners. You can get 3 for #4000 and sell each for as high as #3500. It's possible to make around #5000 in a week once you get started and grow your business as time goes on.

That's all there is to the last post of this year. If you need more information on how to get started on any of this business you can whatsapp me on 08157096771 or click to here to join our whatsapp group.

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Wednesday, 26 December 2018


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If you care to listen to me my dear, you're in for a serious BUSINESS and awesome INVESTMENT that will keep paying you for life till you die and children will take over this money-making investment from you ONLY IF you take what we are exposing to you here now serious and key into it.

Let me begin by asking you this question:

Have you ever asked your self who benefits when you either buy airtime or load data on your phone from the banks or road side vendors?

Or wondered why the banks are into VTU business?

What we were all taught in the school is that the primary duty of bank is to keep money!

But Now

BANKS have left their primary duty of keeping our money and have delved into the TELECOMS BUSINESS and they are not relenting either! It's because there is huge profit in the Telecom Business. Yet they still charge you for buying from them (SMS ALERT)

If they are taking this sector serious and pushing it BIG, Then we too should take the BUSINESS SERIOUS.

Haven't you observed that BANKS, JUMIA and the likes are now focusing so much on VTU Telecom business than their core financial/E-commerce business?

If you have observed this,  did you ask WHY?

Because they are making huge BILLIONS of money doing it.

Data/airtime have now become the world most valuable resources -

An average Nigerian spend #2,000+ on airtime monthly but don't get paid anytime they recharge

Having established this truth, it's of no doubt that telecom is the largest market in the world

....You invest in it, you earn per second/minute


 RAGP is NOT a Ponzi

 RAGP is NOT a Scam


RAGP is a LEGALLY REGISTERED COMPANY with a physical office in Abuja Nigeria


RAGP is here to stay

RAGP has made people first time millionaires...and you can be the next

RAGP has changed people's financial stories and given them hope...

As long as MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE, so long will RAGP be in business..

As long as the internet data remains and people are browsing on the net, so long will RAGP be in business...

As long as DSTV, GOTV, STARTIMES are in business, so long will RAGP be in business...

As long as ELECTRICITY BILLS will continue to be paid, so long will RAGP be in business...

RAGP is going nowhere soon...get on board today and gain financial freedom

With at least 5k, you can start your on vtu business and earn 1k-30k daily


When u register with a onetime payment for ur preferred package, you'd have an e-wallet account, with your unique username & password. You'd also get back 20% of what u registered with. In ur e-wallet account, u could do any of the following transactions:

  1. transfer airtime & data
  2. pay for cable subscriptions
  3. pay electricity bill
  4. transfer & receive e-wallet funds
  5. withdraw e-wallet funds to ur local bank
  6. upgrade to a higher package
  7. pay for new registrations
  8. monitor all ur transactions

Pls note, the registration fee for the packages only give u access to become a beneficiary of the platform. U still need to buy units which u could sell as airtime, data, etc.

Units are the available funds in ur e-wallet account to pay for a transaction, e.g ₦100 = 100 units = ₦100 worth of airtime.


• Registration Bonus - U get back 20% of ur registration fee immediately after registration, regardless of ur package.

• Vtu Bonus - U get paid anytime u recharge anyone, regardless of ur package.
Airtime - 2%
Data - 10%
Cable subscription - ₦40
PHCN bill payment - ₦40

• Referral Commission - U get paid anytime new distributors join u or ur team on ur 1st five to ten levels deep, depending on ur package. Commission is different for each level.
1st level - 20% (direct referrals)
2nd level - 10%
3rd level - 5%
4th level - 2.5%
5th level - 1.25%
6th-10th level - 1%

• Vtu Bonus from downlines - U get paid anytime ur downlines recharge anyone. Commission is paid on ur 1st five to ten levels deep, depending on ur package and is the same for each level:
Airtime - 0.35%
Data - 1%
Cable subscription - ₦10
PHCN bill payment - ₦10

RAGP has a uni-level compensation plan which allows u to sponsor as many people as u want on ur front line (first level). This is no matrix system, no break away and certainly no leg balancing!

U gain points for every registration and upgrade in ur team. These points are known as Point Values (PV) and they accumulate to qualify u for more incentives:

Monthly Bonus (₦100k) - U qualify for this incentive for every month ur Monthly PV is not less than 10k.

Dubai Trip (₦500k) - U qualify for this incentive when ur Cumulative PV is not less 25k.

Car Fund (₦2million) - U qualify for this incentive when ur Cumulative PV is not less than 60k.

1st House Fund (₦3million) - U qualify for this incentive when ur Cumulative PV is not less than 100k.

2nd House Fund (₦4million) - U qualify for this incentive when ur Cumulative PV is not less than 250k.

3rd House Fund (₦6million) - U qualify for this incentive when ur Cumulative PV is not less than 500k.

How to Cashout

All earnings are credited into your e-wallet account. U can convert to cash in any of the following ways:

  1. withdraw to ur local bank account.
  2. sell to customers as vtu (recharge).
  3. use to pay for new registrations.
  4. sell to other distributors as e-wallet funds.
Testimony From Oti DE-CATALYST



I Believe By Now They Have Seen More Than  Enough, Yet This Is Just The Beginning of my Biginnings..







I am An Entrepreneur, Networker Guru, and Business Coach...

I'll Keep thanking God. Who brought #RECHARGE #AND #GET #PAID #Telecom #Business to me September 29th 2017, Through FACEBOOK ADVERT Thanks to my able CEO of RAGP #OSITADIMMA #OSHOPO for this Great Vision that has turned ordinary Nigerians to Extra-ordinary MILLIONAIRES. 

Also thanks to my UPLINE Mr MUSA ADAMU DONKWANGS (*RESIDUALCASHFLOW) for advertising this Business On Facebook. A business i started with #20k, got profit to Upgrade to #100k , has Yielded Over #33million💰🤑 Profits Within 12months and 3WEEKS.

I Still Sympathize with those who See EVERY BUSINESS ADVERTISE ONLINE AS SCAM. I pray God will open their Eyes to see how Nigerians are Spending #21.4 trillions Yearly, & #447.8B monthly on AIRTIME & DATA without getting paid Just by *building a Community of Users of Airtime/Data, Cable Sub, I have earned so much millions from RAGP. I have had a cash turnover of over #33Million Naira. #RAGP has awarded me with #N500k for #Dubai #Trip in my different #Accts, #N2Million for #Car in 3 of my #Accts, #N3Million my first House Fund, #N4Million my 2nd house fund, and will soon be awarding me 6Million my 3rd House Fund NOVEMBER 2018, apart from the N100k I earn monthly from 3 of my accounts, different from my daily income that drops Per Seconds...

To the Glory of God, I have bought some landed property for myself from this program, I recently acquired my dream car #VENZA..




Thanks to All my Team-Catalyst Members. Already Testimonies are unfolding from all side in the Team Daily. 

Am committed to raise more ENTREPRENEURS in LOCAL & GLOBAL TELECOMMUNICATION INDUSTRY*. We Are Raising Millionaires🤑



That's a great testimony, isn't it? make that decision now. 
You can start small with the 5k package. Click here to make payment or if you have more questions whatsapp me on 08157096771 and I'll put you through.
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Saturday, 24 November 2018

Website Design Promo for Nigerian Business Owners

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Call 07038532564 for your websites

This post is aimed at two groups of business owners - those who are actively looking for how or who to help them set up their website and those who do not really know why having a website is important.

The first category of people can be assumed to know the importance of owning a business website. While the other category is a group of people that need to be enlightened.

Responsive websites that display well on all devices is a must have for any business

Why Do I Need A Business Website?

This is a very good question as it is important for a business owner to know why he/she should be spending money on a service. One of the major reason why your business needs a website is that it helps generate clients/customers which in turn leads to more revenue. A website gives you a global presence so that any individual from any corner of the world can have a detailed view of your business from the comfort of their home. Whether you run a small, medium or large business, a website gives you a more professional image. This is an edge over your competitors.

Another reason to have to a website is that prospective customers need data from your website to decide whether they'll patronize you or not. Let's say you sell shoes and have an online or e-commerce shop set up for your shoe business. A customer may need reviews by other customers to decide on the kind of shoe to buy. A website makes it easy for customers to reach you and pay for your products or services. 

Other reasons why you need a website are as follows:
  1. 24/7 online availability. No close of business on the internet.
  2. Marketing is made easier
  3. Gives you a voice and adds credibility to your business
  4. Helps to make business goals and decisions
There are other reasons but what is covered so far are the major ones. 

How Can I Get A Website

The time to get the website you need is now! Ranging from small to large businesses, there are solutions at very reasonable rates. What is charged depends on what you really need. Presently we are offering a web design and development promo from the time this post was published to January 27th, 2019. The promo features 30% price slash as well as additional benefits. Some of them are:

  1. Free online marketing on Facebook and google for one week
  2. bulk SMS blasts
  3. Unlimited Custom emails.
  4. Customer support
  5. Social Media Pages Setup for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
Below is a much broader price (in naira) list of websites categorized accordingly:

  1. Online shop: 120,000 
  2. Basic Website: 40,000
  3. Personal Blog: 25,000
  4. School Website: 170,000
  5. News website: 60,000
  6. Entertainment Website: 150,000
  7. Social Network: 600,000
  8. Hotel Website: 150,000
  9. Other categories: Subject to further negotiation
The rates above are for the first year, 50% of this is what is payable for subsequent yearly renewals. However, prices may vary slightly depending on what you really want.

Call 07038532564 when you make up your mind and you'll forever be glad you did as I'll be at my professional best to serve you. You can also click here to see full contact details

Below is a list of some of the recent websites I launched for some clients; Click each of them to navigate to the website.
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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Buy Phone Numbers of Nigerians in All LGAs of Every State

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Advertisement is key when it comes to moving a serious business forward. The more people you reach, the more your chances of selling or getting paid for a service. One major way of effectively getting leads from your advert is to target people whose interest and location directly affect your business.

Bulk SMS has proven to be a very effective form of advertisement and reaching a large number of people. It has proven to be much more effective than email marketing since not everyone checks their email often. In fact, some people don't have an email account. However, the problem most business owners have is access to the database of phone numbers of people who may be in need of their services or products. An event hall owner sure needs to reach at least people in his/her local government but will find it very stressful and frustrating to start collecting numbers from people through such means as using leaflets and foot soldiers.

We have a solution to this problem at very affordable rates. There is a database of Nigerian phone numbers waiting to be leveraged, stored in excel form as shown the snapshot below. This is arranged according to states and local government. 

Below is the pricing per number.
  • 50,000 numbers of any state or LGA is 50kobo per number
  • Between 50,000 to 100,000 numbers of any state or LGA is 20kobo per number
  • Above 100,000 numbers of any state is 10kobo per number

For people who want to use this information to send bulk SMS to their prospective customers, it will be difficult to extract the numbers. They'll find it impossible to extract the numbers and arrange in a format to be sent as bulk SMS. Such people can you use our bulk SMS plan to send to any local government in any state. As expected, the price is higher than the normal bulk SMS plan. below is the pricing for this package.

  • 100,000 SMS to phone numbers in any state or LGA is #2.5 per SMS
  • Between 100,000 to 500,000 SMS to phone numbers in any state or LGA is #2.3 per SMS
  • Above 500,000 SMS to phone numbers in any state or LGA is #2.1 per SMS

Contact Me for payment details or call 07038532564. You can request a sample for 2000 phone numbers in any LGA here . It's just #1000 for the sample.

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Monday, 16 April 2018


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Hi geeks and coders, hope you're all doing great. It's been a long while I feed my readers with some goodies. That's because of my new job as a frontend developer at VerifyMe Nigeria. I apologize for the long absence. It's been very challenging at my new company but it's all good as my work there help me build myself.

As the topic may have hint you, I'm writing this post to tell you about an opportunity for web developers looking for much better offer. I stumbled on this information on facebook and feel it will be of help to both employed and unemployed developers. Honey Pot is the company offering this opportunity. They collect your information and work history and connect you with companies in Europe. 

Actually there are two things you can gain from this site. You can get a job and also make money by reffering other developers. How does this work? All have to do is refer a developer and make over 510 euros when the person get hired. You're provided with a referral link with which you direct people to the site. I just got this information and feel the smart guys should grab the opportunity. 

Click here to get started. There is no harm in trying. It's free!
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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

How to Optimise A Contact Page With Email Notification Using BootStrap and AJAX/PHP

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Whao... Here we are again, it's been a long time I feed my readers with a good post. I have been busy programming for the web. I've been writing a lot of code lately but I did something recently that really got my inner man saying "you have to share this with fellow developers". Yes this post is for developers, especially beginner developers. I'm currently working on an e-commerce project that required me to code from scratch using only bootstrap and Jquery framework. I've done much, as a matter of fact the project is 80% completed. What I'm about to share with you is actually a trivial part of the project compared to others tasks such as online payment integration. It's trivial but cool. 

So what am I talking about? It is the contact page of Future Cooperative Stores. Below is a screen shot of the page and the circled portion is what I want to put you through.  It is a quick note form that allow user to send a quick message to the company. 

The popular implementation of this is storing the information in a database which may not be seen until after some time. When users and prospective customers send this kind of messages and don't get a feed back in the next few hours, it may give a negative impression about the customer service of an e-commerce firm. So, after storing the information in a database, an email is sent to whoever is in charge. The email contains all the information filled in by the user. Let's say I filled the form with some information as shown below: 

After storing the information in the database, my web app will send and email that reads A quick note "I want know more about this company" was sent from Ayodele Olufemi with phone number: 07063251851 and email: Please attend to it quickly.

 That's cool right? The person in charge of handling this note is notified on the fly via email. The user get feedback in time and encouraged to patronize the company.
This is done very fast with the help of JavaScript and Ajax without reloading the page. A bootstrap modal is used to notify the user when the message is sent. PHP is used to store the data entered into MySQL database as well as send email but the process is very fast. The process asynchronous, behind the scene. So how was I able to accomplish this? Read on to find out.

 The Codes

 For this implementation, you need to have J QUERY and Bootstrap frameworks. You can search google to download them if you don't have them. Also your database connection have to be set. I will go on to explain the code structure.  

Database Connection
This is not new to the PHP gurus. For reference purpose the database connection (dbconn.php) is as follows:

$user = 'root'; $password = 'password'; $dbase = 'myDb';

$dblink = mysqli_connect('localhost', $user, $password, $dbase);

if (!$dblink) {
    die(('Connect Error ('.mysqli_connect_errno().') '. mysqli_connect_error()));


The database connection is just a format. You have to replace the password and other parameters with your database settings. Of course you don't expect me to reveal my settings.

Table Structure
The table structure can be created with the SQL below. Just dump it in your SQL editor and run it. This is just to illustrate how I accomplish this task. You can modify it to your taste.

CREATE TABLE `quicknotes` (
  `id` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `fullname` varchar(70) NOT NULL,
  `email` varchar(70) NOT NULL,
  `phone` varchar(15) NOT NULL,
  `message` text NOT NULL,

-- Dumping data for table `quicknotes`

ALTER TABLE `quicknotes`

-- AUTO_INCREMENT for dumped tables

-- AUTO_INCREMENT for table `quicknotes`
ALTER TABLE `quicknotes`

Form Processors
The form is processed by two files; a JavaScript file (ajax-pro.php) and a PHP file (cp.php). The JavaScript file takes the information entered using the id from each input tag and send them to cp.php for database operations and email notification using AJAX and J QUERY. The ajax-pro.js also validate the form and manipulate the message modal in when response is gotten from cp.php. below is the content of the ajax-pro.js file. 

$(document).ready(function() {

    //Submit 'Add New' form
    $('#addNewForm').on('submit', function(e) {
        $('#addNewBtn').html(' Sending Message...');
        //Disable button
        $('#addNewBtn').prop('disabled', true);

        //Remove spaces inputs
        var fullname = $.trim($('#fname').val());
        var email = $.trim($('#email').val());
        var msg = $.trim($('#msg').val());
        var phone = $.trim($('#phone').val());

        // Start validation;
        if (fullname !== '' && email !== '' && msg !== '' && phone !== '')

            data: $('#addNewForm').serialize(),
            success: function() {
              $('#message').html('Message sent successfully! Thanks');
              $('#fullname, #email, #msg, #phone').removeClass('correctinput');
              $('#fullname, #email, #msg, #phone').removeClass('errorinput');
              $('input, textarea').val('');

          $('#fullname, #email, #msg, #phone').addClass('errorinput');
          $('#errorMsgNew').html(' Fill all fields');


What follows is the content of our cp.php file. 

/* include_once('assets/inc/navbar.php');
$brandMan = new Main;
$navbar = new Navbar; */

$fname = mysqli_real_escape_string($dblink, trim($_POST['fname']));
$email = mysqli_real_escape_string($dblink, trim($_POST['email']));
$phone = mysqli_real_escape_string($dblink, trim($_POST['phone']));
$message = mysqli_real_escape_string($dblink, trim($_POST['msg']));

mysqli_query($dblink, "INSERT INTO `quicknotes` (`fullname`, `phone`, `email`, `message`) VALUES ('$fname', '$phone', '$email', '$message')") or die($this->dbError(mysqli_error($dblink), $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']));

$to = '';
$subject = "New Quick Note";
$header = "FCS: Quick Note";
$message = "A quick note \"". $message . "\" was sent from " . $fname . " with phone number: " . $phone . " and email: " . $email . ". Please attend to it quickly";

 $sentmail = mail($to,$subject,$message,$header);


 Take note of the first line that include the database connection file we created earlier. This is important for storing form data to database. 

If all is properly set and you carefully follow the this tutorial, your implementation will work fine. Apart from the email optimization, this is a very good way of processing a form. It is fast and seamless. Please do not hesitate to drop your comments/recommendations and questions using the comment box below. Watch out for the SMS version of this tutorial. Instead of getting a mail, the person in charge get notified by SMS. Please share and once again, don't forget to drop your comment. God bless you.
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Saturday, 26 August 2017


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Thriving businesses or companies cannot deny the fact that technology plays an important role in their success. Internet technology cannot be ruled out when making plans to move a company forward, no matter how small. It is the key to reaching people you'd never have had the opportunity to come across if websites don't exist. Statistics reveal that there is an ever increasing number of people surfing the internet every second. People share their views and meet others through social media, buy goods and pay for services online from the comfort of their homes, collaborate on projects and a host of other things that has made the internet a necessity. Considering how important the internet is, it will not be out of place to say that any business that does not invest in the internet is aiming for extinction.

The goal of most companies is to make profit, but how can you maximize profit when your goods and services are not getting to the right people? In this post, I'll share with you 3 major ways you can leverage the internet to generate more revenue regardless of what you sell or the services you render. These tips will surely move your business forward if you embrace them and are consistent with them. Here we go.

Create A Website 

A website is basically a collection of related documents rendered through a browser. The different technologies employed in building a website put pieces of these documents together in a web page and display them to a user through the browser depending on the information given or requested. Websites have been helping companies grow as it gives them an edge over their competitors. Firms with neatly designed and interactive websites are perceived to be more professional. This lead to more patronage. Apart from the image it gives the company, it helps to reach much more people especially when it is equipped with good search engine optimization. Let's say you sell shoes and make sales only from people who come to your shop to purchase items. You can create an online shop for your business and have people that are not even close to you order and pay for goods on your website. Imagine 50 people ordering from your website in a day. This will surely increase as your site get more popular.

Call +2347038532564 for Responsive Websites

Invest In Online Advertisement

I just talked about creating a website. The launch of your website should be accompanied by a campaign on the internet. Let social media lovers and search engine users know that something new is out there. The traditional way of doing this is to share the information through your profiles on social networks like FaceBook and Twitter. This is will create some awareness but will not get you what you really want in terms of cash inflow except you're a famous celebrity with very high number of fans following you on social media. Even such people promote their profiles and pages when the need arise. Take advantage of such services as Google Adsense and Ad Words, FaceBook and Twitter Sponsored ads to promote your business. Sometimes all you need to do for a start is to invest as little as 1 dollar daily. This is nothing compared to the returns you'll get if you target the right people. Yes, targeting the right set of people is important. This is why ad networks have enhanced their ads placements process so that your ads will be displayed only to people who have shown interest in services related to the ones you're offering. It is left for you to make use of this enhancements properly. 

Online advertisement also work for individuals who run small businesses and have no website yet. All you need to do is get a good graphics designer to create an ad banner that describe your business and have your contact details embedded. The graphics should be catchy and should clearly state to prospective viewers at a glance what your business is all about.  People don't really have time to snoop through things while surfing the net, so they need to be enticed at first glance. Google ad words also comes in handy if you want to search queries to display links to your website whenever people search for products and services relating to those you offer.

Create and Promote Your Own Social Media Pages

Social media profiles and pages are used to promote brands and personalities as well as create awareness. This is very essential especially if you don't have a website. For instance, a FaceBook page for a business will always update its subscribers when posts are added on the page. One advantage of having a social media profile is that they don't expire except you sell them. If you promote a twitter profile up to the point of having about 100 thousand followers, you are entitled to continue reaping the benefits. The posts you create through such profiles get to reach more people and you can even charge others for ad posts. Pages and groups on FaceBook has turned the life of many around. Just by connecting people of common interest and cause, businesses have thrived and many problems have been been solved. Don't forget that you get much more subscribers to your profiles when you promote them by taking advantage of sponsored packages.

The importance of these three things in making you smile to the bank cannot be over emphasized. Are you thinking of how to go about these three steps? Well you don't have to waste time sweating over them, we can handle them for you at competitive rates and give you social media tips you can leverage at your spare time. It is no news that some internet users especially elderly Nigerians don't like performing transactions on the internet as they are afraid of scammers and internet fraudsters. This is a stumbling block to taking advantage of online ads. We say you don't have to punch in details of your ATM cards online, just contact us and we'll solve your online problems.
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