Tuesday, 27 December 2016

How to Earn More Units to Access Exclusive Services on Afrizle

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Last article was about a new Social Network aimed at connecting Africans across the globe - AFRIZLE. It offers to pay bonus for articles that attract thousands of visitors. Well there are other ways to make money on Afrizle. This is through some of its exclusive services. Exclusive Services can only be accessed when you have enough units. Now how do you get units?
When you register on Afrizle, you are given 1000 units which you can start using after creating a profile (i.e. after completing your registration). But you'll need more to access most of the exclusive services. Afrizle rewards you for every page you visit with one unit. But you can get more buy creating articles, commenting on articles, creating frizles (more like Afrizle short posts), replying frizles and so on. You may be surprised to know that you get 10 units every time you invite friends to Afrizle by email. You do this by clicking the invite link. Just stay active and before you know it you're having tens of thousands of units. Units allow you to access such money making exclusive services as Cash Quiz and Triple 10 game. The former reward you with up to 200 dollars (about 50,000 naira) when you get all quiz questions right while the latter is based on luck. With the Triple 10 game you can make up to 700 dollars (about 200,000) naira. You'll need 10,000 units to access each service. Afrizle is making provision to sell units to those that can't wait for their units to build up. Members will get over 10k units for less than a dollar.
Login to start exploring the goodies Afrizle have is stock for you. Register if you're yet to because Afrizle allow you to blog at no cost.
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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Make money meeting people and writing articles about events around you

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It's been a long time I feed my readers with some internet info and my stats show some are leaving the site. I apologize for staying away so long but I've not been playing. I've been busy with some projects. Now its time to bounce back. So what do I have for you today? 

As the topic implies, just two websites that can earn you money writing articles about events around you. Some may be wondering how. But before I delve into that, I'll like to digress a little bit and briefly explain how thriving websites make their money. When a site becomes so engaging that a lot of people visit it then the website is ripe enough to start making money through advertisements which may be direct or through third parties like Google Adsense. The number of visits to a site over a period of time is known as Traffic. The more traffic a website has, the more the ad revenue it is capable of generating. Many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on, make money from the fact that you visit their site and post content. Content is key when it comes to generating content. You spend data and time posting content and they refuse to give you some fraction of the ad revenue even when your post go viral. Don't you think it is time to switch and share your data between sites that earn you lots of fun, those that earn you money, and the ones that earn you both. 

Now where do you switch to? Below are two websites launched barely two months ago where you get paid whenever your posts go viral. Registration is free and just a click away.


Afrizle is the latest social network launched December this year. The site is aimed at connecting Africans and empowering them with a tool to make extra income by posting original content. The amount is in dollars but I'm not sure how much. Afrizle pay for interactions (Facebook likes and Afrizle hypes) as well as unique views on articles. You can cash out your earnings when it is up to 50 dollars. This is a good way to make extra income online by investing just your internet connection and little time. There are other means of making money on Afrizle like quiz, Triple 10 instant lotto and so on. These are exclusive services your access with units. Afrizle members are rewarded with units for every activity. You get units when you visit Afrizle pages, comment on articles, post on your board, reply posts and so on. Join the network now and start earning while connecting with people and having fun.

Linda Ikeji Social

Linda Ikeji is the highest paid blogger who started making money through her blog on Google's Blogspot. Late this year she decided to start a social network where she will combine blogging with social networking. Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) is the result of implementing the idea. She use the expertise of a web developer to set up the social network and a lot of her blog followers quickly became members of the network within weeks. On LIS, there is a wallet attached to your profile as soon as you register where all your earnings for posting original stories are stored. Recently She dished out millions of naira to her most active members

It is important to know that these are not get-rich-quick networks but if you're ready to watch out for those events that are capable of generating large traffic, then there is hope of making something tangible. The two sites are mobile-friendly i.e. they display well on hald held devices and tablets.
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Saturday, 26 November 2016

3 Helpful Tips on How to Safe Guard Your Social Media Profiles

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Online Social media today is a major source of information, fun, and networking. For many people, Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, google plus, and so on are the daily go-to sites for many internet geeks. These sites comes to the mind of many people first (especially teenagers) whenever they think of meeting new friends, starting a discussion, chat or promote products and services.

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Some individuals do much more serious things on these online networks other than just having fun. Such people fund adverts on them and have their card details with Facebook. It is therefore necessary to put in place security measures when surfing the net for whatever purpose at all. Below are three helpful tips: 

Use Hard-to-guess Passwords
When registering on any network, always endeavour to make sure the password you chose is a mixture of numbers, symbols, Upper and lower case letters. This will make it impossible for hackers to find out your password even when they use a brute force trial and error attack. Geeks are fond of using date of birth, pet name, and other familiar things as passwords. This is dangerous especially when you have sensitive information stored in your profile. Of course you don't want to lose all that confidential company files you store on your google drive to security breach.

Delete Login Details After Using A Computer That's not Yours
Many a times when we try to login to access online profiles, the browser may ask to remember passwords. You are advised to opt out if the device is not yours. Even if you own the PC or portable device but share with others please always opt out. The site can also ask to always keep you logged in. Don't tick the check box for that option, it is not safe. 

Install Antivirus and Anti Spyware on Your Systems
Antivirus are meant to protect computing systems from malicious softwares that hamper proper function of the system. However, modern virus and spywares are very sophisticated and can steal confidential data while surfing the net. This is why you need to install antivirus and anti spyware programs that will scan regularly to keep malicious program codes in check. It is also important that you update them regularly.
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Friday, 21 October 2016

How to Monetize your Mobile App or Website with Facebook

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Are you a seasoned mobile app and web developer looking forward to making money from your websites? Then this post is meant for you. Two months ago, a friend of mine who I know is very skilled when it comes for web programming for mobile devices built a GPS app. The app recorded reasonable number of downloads and someone suggested he start making money from. We research and stumbled on Facebook Ad Network for developers among other options. Yes Facebook Ads service is not meant for only advertisers, developers are also given the opportunity to make some money. We implemented it on the app Sammy my friend got his first payment of 150 dollars this month and this will grow as more people download his wonderful app. 

Difference between Normal Website, Mobile Website, and Mobile App

I know you're already thinking of how this works but before I go further, I will like to briefly discuss the differences between a normal website, mobile website and a mobile app. A normal website is basically designed to work efficiently on personal computers with bigger screens. Examples are desktops and laptops. When such sites are visited on smaller devices, the user experience is not always encouraging, data consumption is high, and visitors may get pissed off. A mobile website on the other hand is designed to work on devices with smaller screens. Examples of such devices are tablets, Android, iOS, or Blackberry phones. Mobile websites have features meant to make them responsive on these devices. The last category is that of mobile applications. Mobile applications are not rendered within browsers unlike the other two. They are installed on mobile devices and cannot work on bigger personal computers. This post is aimed at helping developers of mobile websites and app monetize their intellectual products.

How to Monetize your Mobile Web or App on Facebook

Of course I know many people out there are signed up on Facebook (you just have to be for this to work). However if you're not, you can sign up here. Once logged in, visit Facebook for Developers. This is where you can learn to use Facebook APIs on your websites and apps. On the Facebook for Developers section you'll see such things as the like and share buttons and tools you can you to integrate them to your website. But what we're interested in for now is the Mobile Monetization option. It is easy to find and as shown below. Click it to get started. Click the start now button on the pages that follow and provide the information the setup wizard requires.
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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How to Promote on Social Media without Spending on Ads

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Business men, bloggers, internet enthusiasts, and other online users always have something to promote on social media. Some people are capable of paying daily for campaigns and adverts to fast track the promotion of their business or services. Many others are weak in this aspect and need other means of reaching a large audience to promote their cause. The good news is that there many ways to reach out to a large number of people without having to spend money. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus are all good online social media tools you can use to make things work out for good. I'm going to discuss some tips can will gradually help your audience to grow and this will surely work for you if you're ready to commit yourself. Below are some helpful tips worth taking note of.

Create Pages that Target Your Intended Audience

The first thing to do is to set up an online spot where people interested in your niche can visit to know more about your cause, products or services. Facebook pages are wonderful tools for improving your audience. When people like a Facebook, they are able to see posts from the page. Though Facebook is somehow limiting the number of people that can see posts from the page of users not participating in ad services, the possibility of your posts been seen increases with more likes. This is why you have to be in whatever you do on the page. A good way to start getting good number of likes is to invite your Facebook friends to like your page. You can also create a community on your Google plus profile as well as use twitter accounts. Since you don't intend to use any premium services, there are some best practices you need to follow and they are discussed next.

Post Engagingly Regular Intervals

Whatever platform you may be using, make sure you write posts at least three times in a week. You don't have to compose different posts for every network. Once you have a good one, you can replicate it on other networks. Always try to post about things that can trigger comments from people. This will make your page more interactive and make people to always look forward to next post. Whatever you're writing on should be closely related to the name of your page and your niche. It is what your fans expect when they like your page.

Link Your Website to Your Social Media Pages

If you have a functioning website or a blog, it is a very beneficial thing and good practice to provide links that will share your posts to the social networks you have profile from. This will help refer other social media geeks interested whatever you're sharing to your site. Some them may turn out to be loyal, daily visitors to your site. Just don't stop feeding them with interesting stuffs. You'll know the effect of sharing when you analyze the traffic statistics on your site. There is always a record of referring sites on blogging platforms and content management systems. The case is different if your site is coded from the scratch. Another thing you can do is to add the Facebook like API to your site so that visitors can like your Facebook page without leaving the site.

 Use Automatic Tools if Possible

To save you the stress of having to paste your blog post links on social media profiles yourself, some platforms like WordPress have plugins that auto-share your blog post to every social media network you're registered. This does not mean they have access to your password as you only provide the service with permissions while setting up. On my WordPress blog, a plugin automatically share my posts to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus profiles. A good third party service can be found here. But you still have to profile your readers with share buttons so that they can help you extend your reach if they feel your post is worth it. This cannot be automated.

It is important to note that the tips above works better if you're consistent. Also, don't expect an upsurge of traffic after following the tips but look forward to gradual improvement.
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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

4 iPhones Secrets You'd be Glad You Know

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People are fond of talking about feature-rich gadget from Apple called iPhone. There is some level of respect accorded to those who can afford it especially in developing countries. Even when some other smart phones possess similar features to iPhone at lower cost, some people still opt for it. I know of a friend who has never bought any other smart phone for almost a decade. He always update himself with the latest iPhone. Am still waiting to see what will happen as Apple release iPhone 7.

Will it not be better if iPhone lovers know how to make better use of their phone and get more value for their money? There are some hidden powers your iPhone possess that you cannot find in the manual that came with it. I am going to share with you great iPhone secret codes you'll be glad you're aware of.

Know where Your Text Messages End Up before Reaching the Recipient

 When you send SMS, they're not delivered directly to the recipient's phone. The message sent is first forwarded wirelessly to a message center through a specific phone number. You can find out this phone number by dialing *#5005*7672#.

  Increase your Phone Signal Strength

Improving the signal strength of a phone is a very good thing that comes in handy when one is in a location with poor network coverage. Dial *3001#12345#* to increase your signal strength, this will bring up some options. Simply ignore the options. Immediately hold down the power button. When the power screen pops up, hold the home button until you're back on the home screen. If all these steps were rightly followed, the signal strength will improve. You'll see a number instead of bars or circles in the top left. Now you need to know what these numbers mean. Strong signal strength is between -40 and -80. Anything below that is a bad signal,-140 means you have no signal at all.

Getting Phone Identity

There are ways we humans identify ourselves. For example one may need to provide his/her student identity card to granted access into a seminar. The cars we ride can be identified by the VIN number. Likewise, a phone has an identification number unique to it. This is known as the International Mobile Equipment Identity number or the IMEI number. To know your iPhone's IMEI number, dial *#06#. 

Block Your Caller ID 

 To do this, just dial the code #31# before dialing the person's number. He/She will be unable to discern that you're the one calling.
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Monday, 12 September 2016

How to Share Your Android Phone Internet Connection with Your Laptop Using Wi-Fi Hotspot

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There are many ways to connect smart devices to laptops. These kept increasing as technology improves and new innovations are introduced. However not many are aware of the power their smart devices wield when it comes to sharing internet connection. Even some tech geeks get themselves modem to connect their laptops or PC to the internet when they have a smart phone with all the capabilities they need. In this post I'm going to teach you how to share your Android Phone internet connection through Wi-Fi hotspot. The Operating system of choice for this illustration is Microsoft Windows 7. The PC setup is almost the same on other OS. Major work is with your Android Phone.

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To make your laptop or PC connect to the internet using your phone's wifi, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have subscribe to a data plan through your mobile network provider. 
  2. Switch on your laptop Wireless LAN.
  3. Tap the menu button on your android phone and look for the settings icon.
  4. In the wireless & networks section, tap the "more" button .
  5. You'll see "Tethering & portable hotspot" option. Tap it.
  6. Next tap "Wi-Fi hotspot" option.
  7. Switch on your Wifi hotspot by tapping the button besides "On" above the Basic settings option. It is something else on some other versions of android but it is easy to point out.
Basic Settings

The Basic settings section allow you to do major wifi configurations. The main thing to do here is to set a set up the hotspot so that only those you permit can connect to your network. Of course you don't want just anybody to start draining your data. To do this follow the steps below:
  1. Tap "Set up Wi-Fi hotspot" in the basic settings section
  2. Choose a network name.
  3. Choose a security protocol of choice from the drop down list.
  4. Type the password you'll like anyone who you'll permit to connect enter before gaining access to your network. The password must be at least 8 characters long. Make sure the password you choose is strong. Please read this post before choosing your password.
  5. Save your settings.

Now click the network icon on your PC and you'll see the name of the Wi-Fi network you just setup on your phone.

Click the connect button to connect and insert the password you provided while setting up Wi-Fi on your android phone and connect.

Wait for some seconds for the network to establish the connection. One you see that the network section indicate that you're connected, you can start surfing the net with your PC. 

Happy browsing!
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Saturday, 10 September 2016

5 Things to Keep in Mind when Integrating VoguePay Payment Gateway

Recently I integrated VoguePay payment gateway into a client website. I feel it will be beneficial to share my experience with lovers of this blog that are web developers. It was a nice experience even though I had some issues. The issues were as a result of the fact that I was new to the system. I wrote a post on this blog about VoguePay few weeks ago but it was just to share how I feel about their services. 

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The major motivation behind the post is the wonderful experience I had working with their support team. They were there for me all through, encouraging me with prompt response to my mails. The aim of this second post about VoguePay is to keep you informed on five major things you should keep in mind when preparing to integrate VoguePay Payment Gateway. These are things you must do to successfully integrate the system. 

Registration and Merchant ID
On VoguePay, registration is free and easy. All you have to do is filling in necessary details of your client and ask the individual to confirm his/her account by clicking a link sent to the email provided. After a successful registration, the profile is set up and a merchant ID is assigned to it. The merchant ID is the key data that will be used when integrating using any technology.

Business Verification

Before payment can be received on a website, the business for which the business is built must be verified. The verification depends on whether the business is fully registered or not. If it is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), there is a need to upload scanned copies of the CAC documents and other documents like utility bill and any means of national identification. Otherwise there will be a need to upload just your means of identification. The first option presently cost 1500 naira while the second cost 2500 naira. On VoguePay, there are different classes of business depending how big a firm is.

Transaction Charge
After integration, VoguePay charges some percentage for every transaction carried out on their payment platform. For local transactions, the charge is 2.5% while for international transaction it is about 4.5%. This transaction charge can be shifted to the customers; the choice depends on your client’s decision.

VoguePay Reward Developers
VoguePay recognize the importance of developers and try to reward them through affiliate programs and commissions. VoguePay provide its developers with a code to participate in its affiliate programs. When you refer another developer you receive 30% of the charge on every transaction done on the website the referred developer integrated VoguePay. This is for two years. Developers also get commission from the websites they integrate. This is why developers should be interested in the progress of the website on which VoguePay is integrated.

Payment Maturity
Whenever payments are received on VoguePay, it reflects on the profile but cannot be withdrawn until it matures, i.e. until it reflects on the matured balance on your profile. This usually takes at most 48 hours. Whatever amount on the matured balance can then be withdrawn into any bank account provided. VoguePay stressed that this is for security reasons. It is to avoid fraud and make irregularities easily handled.
That is all I have for you on VoguePay today. Next post about the gateway will be on how to integrate it using woo commerce – an e-commerce plugin for WordPress sites.
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Monday, 5 September 2016

Whatsapp may stop working on Blackberry and some other Phones before the end of 2016

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Whatsapp is a messaging service that has gained popularity among internet users all over the world. In fact it is widely accepted to be most popular internet service after Facebook. However this so called service that has highly affected the daily lives of many does not seem to bring the intended returns anticipated by its investors. 

Even after been embraced by a lot of people, the app is yet to make money. An official release was made by Whatsapp earlier this year which can be found on a blog owned by whatsapp. The release stated below indicate that there is every possibility that whatsapp support for some device may stop before this years ends.

 "WhatsApp support for mobile devices Earlier this week WhatsApp turned seven years old. It has been an amazing journey and in the coming months we're putting an even greater emphasis on security features and more ways to stay in touch with the people that you care about. But anniversary dates are also an opportunity to look back. When we started WhatsApp in 2009, people's use of mobile devices looked very different from today. The Apple App Store was only a few months old. About 70 percent of smartphones sold at the time had operating systems offered by BlackBerry and Nokia. Mobile operating systems offered by Google, Apple and Microsoft – which account for 99.5 percent of sales today – were on less than 25 percent of mobile devices sold at the time. As we look ahead to our next seven years, we want to focus our efforts on the mobile platforms the vast majority of people use. So, by the end of 2016, we will be ending support for WhatsApp Messenger on the following mobile platforms: BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 Nokia S40 Nokia Symbian S60 Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 Windows Phone 7.1 iPhone 3GS/iOS 6 While these mobile devices have been an important part of our story, they don't offer the kind of capabilities we need to expand our app's features in the future. This was a tough decision for us to make, but the right one in order to give people better ways to keep in touch with friends, family, and loved ones using WhatsApp. If you use one of these affected mobile devices, we recommend upgrading to a newer Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone before the end of 2016 to continue using WhatsApp."
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Friday, 26 August 2016

Facebook in Open Source AI Code Contest with Google

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Facebook and Google are two of the top web giants even a kids know of. Recently there seem to be competition between the two as Facebook struggles to stand shoulder to shoulder with Google in making open source Artificial Intelligence (AI) code available freely regularly and as early as possible. Doing this will allow innovative ideas that will that will improve the code from experts. According to Facebook, the aim is to fast track progress in the field of machine learning by motivating research. Both companies have invested in AI and this has gone a long way in encouraging AI programmers.

According to Quartz, yesterday, Facebook made an announcement that three of its AI software tools concerned with image recognition. The social network giant says that the technology could allow Facebook users search for photos based on what they depict, without relying on the tags others had assigned to the images. Facebook also claims it could be used to identify the nutritional value of food just by taking a picture of it. 

Programmers working in the area of image recognition will find it easy to integrate this powerful tools.On the software platform, pictures can easily be dissected into necessary component parts and labelled. 

The stage is set for a contest between Google and Facebook. It is believed that a good way to measure success on either side is through citations of academic papers published alongside research tilted towards this field. Talking about citations on research papers published by the companies in the past, Google may take the lead. For instance Facebook's "Memory Networks" published has 134 citations on Google Scholar. Google and Magic Leap's "Going Deeper with Convolutions" also published the same year has more than 1,400 citations. This has nothing to do with the fact Google owns the Scholar Platform.

Another good thing about making the code open source is that a new way of scoring programmers in terms of popularity and impact among peers is introduced. Just like what is observed in GitHub one can start to see how many people are interested and experimenting with a research organization's code. To have a popular repository of repository of code means that there are other contributors that find use in the work, and further the work by locating bugs and expanding functionality.

A citation might prove influence, but seeing someone else using your code shows objective worth. Francois Chollet, a Google engineer and the author of open source deep learning library Keras said "Researchers care a lot about the codebase itsef and the developer community around it, because they are the users who will need to dig into source code and modify it for experimental purposes". 

Unlike Google and Facebook, Apple is not so generous with code. The company only publishes code necessary for building software in their own domain. Machine learning language are rarely made public.

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Send, Receive, and Make Money Online through VoguePay

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There are many payment gateways for online transactions but not many offer a convenient and flexible way to sell products online, send, and receive money. VoguePay offers a fast, reliable, easy to integrate online transaction solution. It is a place to be for business tycoons, merchants and web developers that want to move their business forward. In this post I will explain why you should use VoguePay to send, receive, and make money. This payment gateway is becoming very popular as it makes it easy to send money to and from Africa. Vogue Web Solution uses strong security measures put in place by Geo Trust Incorporation, one of the best in terms of online security.

Secured Online Transfer of Funds: The hassles people encounter when they go to banks to send or receive money has led to more individuals embracing cashless policies. However, if one is not lucky to find a good service frustration can set in and some usually end up going back using traditional methods. You need to register at VoguePay for free and at no hidden cost. There is a lot to gain from this if you're looking for an online payment gateway for quick and reliable transfer of funds. Click here to get started. With VoguePay, sending, receiving and exchanging funds locally or globally has never been simpler.

Easy Integration: Web developers pay important role in e-commerce and as a result vogue has put in place plugins and tools these set of people always find very easy to integrate. It will be a big privilege for business men whose developers are yet to know about vogue if they introduce it to them. Business on using VoguePay can accept payments from anywhere around the world by using free and easy to install tools, plugins and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) on their online store. Click here to register for free now!

Affiliate Programs: This is an interesting offer from Vogue Web Solution I will not like you to miss. Once you registered on VoguePay and start using the service, you are entitled to the affiliate program where you receive commission on every transaction fee charged for the person you refer. This is how it actually works, when you apply for the affiliate program, you're given a link that contains your merchant ID. You are expected to copy and paste this link on your blog, website, social profiles (Facebook, twitter, and so on). If anyone get registered through your link, you'll start getting commission whenever that person performs any transaction. Developers stand a better chance of earning through this means as the affiliate codes made available to them help display banners that attract online surfers to click them. 

Register now @ VoguePay and move to the next level.
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Monday, 15 August 2016

5 Great Tips for Driving Organic Traffic to Your Site

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Search engines are major sources of traffic to sites that rank high in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google, bing and other major search engines are major players in driving organic traffic (search engine traffic) to a site. All site owners and bloggers are always happy when there is an upsurge of traffic to their website or blog. Either you are an hobbyist or you're making money with your site, you get encouraged to post more content if the number of people viewing your site increase from time to time. I am going to share 5 great tips that will help make your site show up in search results. These are tip I've tried myself and has been working for me. Though I may not be getting huge traffic yet but I've noticed a reasonable audience after working on my site SEO. I use to record 30 to 50 page views per day few months after I started this blog but after doing the stuffs am going to discuss with, I went from 150 - 200 page views per days. It continued to increase, sometimes I record 500 and yesterday almost a thousand page views. I know this is not going to stop as long a I continue to post.

Content Optimization: One of the major things that helps in SEO is quality content that is relevant to your blog niche. Avoid writing out-niche-contents and make sure the content of any post is closely linked to the title. The keywords of your post must reflect the title. This helps a lot as search engines pay attention to the title of posts a lot. The more words in your post title appear in the post content as keywords, the better the chances of that post appearing in search engines. When Content Management Systems like Blogger, WordPress and the rest are not used, developers should pay attention to the right use of HTML tags. For instance the H1 tag should be used for major headings of a post instead of just making the post bold and increasing font size. One last thing to put in mind is the fact that it pays to write quality, relevant content that are at least 500 words and avoid repeating words or phrases too many times.

Don't Try to Fool Search Engines: When writing content, put your audience first and think more of how the post will benefit them instead focusing on tricks intended to make search engines rank you higher. It is a well known fact that a website rank higher when other sites (especially the big ones) link to it. So what some bloggers and developers do it create bogus links to their sites all over the internet. Some even go as far as using the service of doorway sites to draw traffic and links to their site. This is not advisable and does not add anything good to your site's reputation. As a matter of fact, google can penalize you by blocking your site from their search results.

Internal and External Links: Internal links are links created by you to target some part of your site while external links point to other domains. Dexterous use of both will surely give your site an edge over other site in search results. It is good when external links from other sites link to your site as this increase your rank. When you link to other site, you contribute to increasing that site's rank. Use descriptive words for your internal and external links and make sure the internal links are more than your external links.

Let Search Engines Know About Your Site: You want to your site to appear when people use search strings relating to your niche right? Then you have to make the service in charge of that more aware of your site's existence. Since Google and Bing are the major search engines out there it best to verify with Google webmaster program and add Bing Webmaster tools to your site. 

Create a Sitemap: A site map lists are links available on your site. Creating it is easy and you can exclude some links you don't want to be listed. Sitemaps help search engines index your site faster and increase your sites relevance. Google XML Sitemaps are also great tools for installing sitemaps on your site.

These are basic SEO tips that can be of great use to startup and advanced bloggers. If you're adventurous and want to know more about SEO I advise you get yourself a copy of "SEO Step by step - The complete beginners to getting traffic from google" or better still The Seven Steps to SEO Success on Google.
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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Easiest Way to Download YouTube Videos

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YouTube, an online video service belonging to Google has been helping individuals and businesses to reach millions of people and promote themselves. It however seem to be impossible to download this YouTube videos for future viewing, especially for the non computer techies. The good news is that there is a way to get around this. Why would you want to download a YouTube apart from watching later? Of course to save you some data. When you watch a video you love over and over again online, then it tells on your data plan. Imagine watching a 150 megabyte video 10 times, that's a lot of data consumption. 

Now let's get down to business, it's time to reveal that YouTube trick you've been waiting for. To start with, visit www.youtube.com and look for that video of interest. Or you can just click a link to a favorite video you've bookmarked on your browser. 

This is how it actually work - Let's say the URL of the video of interest is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwBYFUoK07A. Go to your browser's address bar and change to https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=lwBYFUoK07A. What happens next? 

You're taken to another website that allow you to download. In fact you have different download options. For example you can download in any other format other than mp4. The download is also available in different quality depending on your preference. So try this trick and start downloading YouTube videos. Don't forget to always check back for more tricks.
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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Alphabet Proposed Drone Delivery Service Takes a Step Closer to Actualisation

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Efforts on bringing Alphabet's proposed drone delivery service to realization is yielding result as the company recently got clearance to start testing drones in the United States. This is a major progress as the drones will start getting off the ground soon. The Google's parent company, founded by Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin is now permitted to test-fly the little air machines in certain areas of the US.

 The announcement of the innovative idea was part of the US National Science Foundation plan to invest about 35 million dollars on unmanned flight research over the next five years. According to the White House, representative of government agencies will have access to information obtained during the test. This is so that answers can easily be provided to critical safety and human factors questions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) cargo delivery operations. The clearance was necessary because there was no provision for commercial use of drones for delivery service initially when the Federal Aviation Administration put up regulations for commercial use of drones.

Just as with Amazon's use of drones for delivering goods, comments from the public reveal that people are worried there may be more loss of jobs as the machines are bound to replace some delivery personnel if Alphabet succeed with its proposed system. The company on the other may get to spend less on payment of salaries as it record speedy and more efficient delivery. It also seems that more companies are planning to embrace the use of UAVs as Google also announces that it could start delivering packages by 2017. Amazon is also planning to start testing drone delivery services in the United Kingdom.
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Sunday, 24 July 2016

HP Releases Spectre 13 - World's Slimest Laptop

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Many laptop users are usually attracted to products with slick look and pleasing to touch. It is only the techies that quickly overlook the outward appearance and waste no time in requesting to know about the hardware and software capabilities of the system. Laptop and computer accessories manufacturer Hewlett Packard (HP) is known for releasing durable, high quality systems into the market. Apple on the other has a high reputation for slick-looking products. Just like Microsoft, HP has recently give the world a reason to opt less often for MacBooks from Apple by becoming more creative in terms of product appearance, features and this is manifested in the new HP Spectre 13 Laptop – The World’s Thinnest Laptop.

How HP was able to meander through the internal hardware architecture to make Spectre 13 as slim as it is and yet equip it with high end spec is worth researching into for curious engineering geeks like me. HP’s choice of the encasing metal is a brilliant combination of copper and black aluminum. This Laptop is not only beautiful but enhanced with a host of rare features as well as processor and memory capabilities. Below are some details of the major features and components. Of note is the video and audio technology that produces quality sounds for an enhanced multimedia experience.

Body: The Spectre 13 is encased in a carbon fiber aluminum material which makes it aesthetically pleasing and smooth to touch. This is complemented by a Corning Gorilla glassy display for the screen.

Cooling System: With an innovative and efficient cooling system that cannot be found in just any gadget, the operation of Intel Core i5/i7 processors in the system is as smooth as ever. The hyperbolic cooling system works by pulling in cool air into the internals of the PC, this then blown over all the processors every time thereby making it much less likely for the system to get overheated. Processor performance remain at its peak while all this happen.

Display: 13.3 inches diagonal Full High Definition (FHD) In-plane Switching (IPS) Ultra Wide View Angle (UWVA) BrightView Corning Gorilla Glass WLED-backlit (1920 x 1080).

Operating System (OS) Platform: Windows 10 Home 64, Windows 10 Pro 64.

Processor, Memory and Graphics: Intel Core i5-6200U (2.3GHz, up to 2.8 GHz, 3MB caches) + Intel HD Graphics 520 (with 8G memory).
8GB LPDDR3-1866 SDRAM (onboard).
Intel Core i7-6500U (2.5 GHz, up to 3.1 GHz, 4MB cache, 2 cores) + Intel HD Graphics 520 (with 8G memory).

Hard Drive: 256GB PCIe NVM M.2 SSD. 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD.

Power: The primary 4-cell 38 Wh Li-ion polymer battery is capable of powering the system for 9 hours.

Personalization: HP TrueVision HD Webcam with Dual Digital Microphone.

Networking: Intel 802.11ac (2 x 2) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 Combo.

Pointing Device: HP Image pad with multi-touch gesture support.

External I/O Ports: 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type-C, HP USB Boost); 2 USB 3.1 Gen 2 (Type-C, HP USB Boost, Thunderbolt); 1 headphone/microphone combo.

Software Included: McAfee LiveSafe 30-day trial offer (Internet access required. First 30 days included. Subscription required for live updates afterwards).

Of note is the security and theft protection feature incorporated into the system. The McAfee LiveSafe Security Software trial version is available on the laptop, after which the user is expected to make at least yearly payments. Computrace LoJack for Laptops is the theft protection tool provided. Get the product at Amazon now!
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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Microsoft Surface Book - World's Best Windows PC

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Out there, there exist a diverse range of note PCs that are of great spec. To give the note books smart and slick look, manufacturers word hard to make them as slim as possible. Apple has made a notable reputation when it comes to delivering slick notebooks that are aesthetically pleasing. Apple's 13 inches MacBook has ruled the market for a long time. But it seems Microsoft is out to put an end to that reign as it releases a higher end notebook - Microsoft Surface Book.

A flexible notebook that can be easily converted to a tablet and supports touch and the use of stylus as an added means of input, Microsoft Surface Book is easy to twist through hinges called Dynamic Fulcrum which makes it easy to assume any desired position. This book's hardware is highly optimized and capable of handling highly graphical applications like 3D games. Thanks to the powerful internal components such as the processors and graphic adapters. Below are some of the book's features.
Processor and Memory: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5-6300U CPU and 8GB of RAM.
Graphics: Intel High Definition graphics 530; Nvidia GeForce graphics.
Display: 13.5 inch, 3000 x 2000 PixelSense Display.
Storage: 256GB PCI express 3.0 Solid State Drive (SSD).
Connectivity: 802.11ac 2 x 2 multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE.
Camera: Windows 8 megapixel (MP) rear facing auto-focus camera (1080pHD), 5MP front-facing Hello face-authentication camera (1080pHD).
Dimensions and Weight: This phone weighs 3.48 pounds and the dimensions are as follows; 12.3 x 9.14 x 0.51 - 0.90 (W x D x H).
Power: Surface book is powered by a battery that can last for 8 hours of optimal use. This is yet to be confirmed.
Cost: From 1,349 dollars. Buy at Amazon.

Though the book is costly, there are features it possess that makes it better than Apple's book in terms of display, weight, camera, and processor. Also, there are some things present in Microsoft's book that are not found in Apple MacBook. These are Stylus, Bio-metric login, Touchscreen and Voice activation. This is the major reason why Surface Book is currently regarded as the most powerful PC from Windows.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

3 RAD Tools for Android and iOS Preferred by Many Developers

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The desire to develop software with little or no code has continued to grow in the mind of software developers, especially the upcoming ones. To complement this, many software development tools have been released and improved upon over the years. For web based software, Content Management Systems (CMS) have made life very easy for non-coders and lazy programmers. Mobile applications have gained rapid popularity over the past decade as more smart phones reach the hands of more people around the globe. Android applications started to take over the mobile apps market as soon as Google released the Operating System (OS). 
The iOS platform has also being accepted by a reasonable number of people globally. Initially, programming tools that exist to build these apps require some coding but software developers can now use more sophisticated tools that have simplified the coding processing or require no coding at all. Am going to introduce 3 tools for Rapid Application Development (RAD) of Android and iOS applications. These tools have been putting smile to the faces of developers, thanks to some dedicated groups of programming geeks.

Buzztouch: This tool allows you to create apps without coding, after which you can still download the source code. According to a user, Buzztouch is web-based RAD software that gives you the option to stay in touch with its server after accessing the code automatically written for you or keep the code under your control. It has been a mystery how the little crew at Buzztouch are managing to deliver even without charging users exorbitant fees for monthly maintenance.

Telerik Icenium: One of the most recently released RAD tool for building iOS and Android apps. It is an integrated cloud environment that allows development using browsers. Another interesting fact about Icenium is that applications tend to be lightweight after development, which means they are only few megabytes in size and this makes them run faster and easy to download after launching. After testing an app he built with Icenium, a friend recently said: “This software is the latest bomb. I fell in love with it in no time as it is fast and easy to use. I really enjoy working with it”. Some other programmers wish there can be extensions of Icenium for other IDE they are very familiar with. This shows the extent to which preference for the RAD tool has gone.

Socialize AppMakr: Like many other RAD software for mobile apps, it is meant for non-coders and targeted at iOS and Android. A unique thing about Socialize AppMakr is that it features a social network basically aimed at connecting its users (developers) together and solving issues. Maybe that’s why the word “Socialize” is part of the tool’s name. Help forums are also available to help address various problems that may be encountered. A downside to the use of the tool is that trivial updates take long time (weeks or sometimes months). Also, the free version of the tool now automatically put ads in free apps. This is believed to be a way to force users to embrace the premium, fee-based service. So far many developers have claimed that it is easy to use and that support staffs are always at their rescue whenever they experience any technical hitch.
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Sunday, 17 July 2016

How to Make Money Online with your Twitter Account.

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Twitter is the most popular social network after Facebook known for micro blogging. It is also used as an online avenue to promote products and services. However, many twitter users are hobbyists and fun seekers who visit the website to while away time, see trending updates, and connect with new people. They are unaware of the fact that they can earn passive income with their account. If you fall under this category of twitter users I want you to finish reading this post carefully so that you'll realize you may have been missing some opportunity.

Preparing your account 
This is not a get rich quick strategy but a way to earn extra income for those who are ready to work towards it. If you're a twitter users with a lot of followers and reasonable engagement, then you'll start making money in no time. This is because lots of followers and engagement implies that you don't just have a lot of people following you but wield some level of influence. Engagement entails responses (likes, clicks on links, expanding to see details) to your tweets. It is important because it is a major determinant factor of your klout score. For example a twitter user with 5000 followers and an average of 5 engagements per tweet will have a low klout score compared to another user with only 500 followers and an average of 100 engagements per tweet. Engagement go a long way in determining how much can earn with your twitter. So if you aspire to make some reasonable amount from your account, work towards engaging your followers as you build or grow your twitter network by post relevant tweets that target your kind of audience.

Twitter money making strategies
After growing a base of followers that, post tweets that is related to your niche and target audience. This will make them always interested in your tweets and as a result respond by liking, retweeting or clicking links on the tweets. As you work on this register on networks that can connect you with advertisers as soon as you have about 500 followers and average of 10 engagements. This is not a fixed requirement but what I recommend if you expect some connections from reasonable brands. There are many online twitter-money-making networks online but chose to stick with Sponsored Tweets. This is because sponsored tweets give you the opportunity to connect with top brands. The companies that intend to use tweeters for advertisement are given access to twitter stream of registered users and compensate those chosen. On sponsored tweets, you can increase the possibility of getting bids and direct offers by upgrading to the plans where you pay monthly. The free plans has some limitations like 5 number of bids per month and so on. Other similar sites like Paid Per Tweet exist and can be a second option if you don't like Sponsored Tweets.

Apart from using sites that connect you with advertisers you can accept direct offers if you influence is so much. For example if you have about a 100 thousand followers with high engagement, you approach companies and get paid. The higher the influence you wield on twitter, the higher the cost of your promotional tweets. This is why celebrities are using twitter and other social networks to make lots of money. Having creating a large fan base, celebrities find it easy to grow followers and engage them. I read on a blog that Kim Kardashian earn thousands of dollars for a single tweet. Money making is not meant for celebrities only, so why not turn that time you spend on tweeter into some money.

Affiliate marketing is another way of earning through twitter where you get commission for every sales of products of services made through your tweets. Check out online programs like iTunes Affiliate and Groupon Affiliate. As business man, you can use your account to promote your products or services. You can connect with other users with the same range of followers like you to exchange tweets, that is post tweets about each others business.
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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Access to 80,000 Amazon Login Details Claimed by Hacker 0x2Taylor

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Amazon, world's largest online store may be under cyber attack as a hacker known as 0x2Taylor recently claimed to have compromise the integrity of one its servers. The server in question is said to host over 80,000 usernames and passwords. 0x2Taylor made this known after authorities at Amazon refused to heed his warnings about flaws in its hosting machines. He is the person credited with the data breach suffered by a police department in his country.

The hacker proved that the flaw exist after Amazon failed to pay the sum of 700 dollars he asked for so that the vulnerabilities will not be disclosed to the public. He twitted several times about it but the online business mogul was said to have paid no attention to it, afterwards he got impatient and let out the information to the globe. 0x2Taylor also stressed that he's no more interested in offering any help to the company in terms of security and satisfied with the damage he caused so far. He successfully uploaded the database of personal info like emails, passwords, zip codes, phone numbers, street and other system related info like user-agent, Last Login IP address, and proxy IP to a storage service known as Mega cloud. He believed Amazon is not serious about spending much on security.

Sometime after 0x2Taylor's claim, Amazon did a reset of a large number of user's passwords with the excuse that they were not stored correctly. Although there is no proof that the info was leaked to the masses, the severity of the breach was established. It is expected that the incident will make Amazon pay more attention to its security department and take necessary steps to prevent this type of attack from happening again in the future as some of the data 0x2Taylor got access to were confidential.
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