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5 Questions to Answer Before Formulating Topic for A Computer Science Masters Theses

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Computer science projects at the MSc level are much more research oriented than those at the BSc level. Undergraduate projects in many schools are mostly design and implementation of one system or the other, while MSc projects requires students to embrace the use of much more standard methodology, models and algorithms among other things. To make a computer science MSc project a successful one, there is a need to answer the following questions:
  1. What are your strength and weakness?
  2. Of what use is the research topic to your career?
  3. Is your supervisor a specialist in the chosen research area?
  4. What is the cost of carrying out the research?
  5. Can the research project land you a job?

What are Your Strength and Weakness?
Though computer science students are expected to have background knowledge of a number of courses, each students have special interest in one particular course or the other and are therefore better than others in that course. For instance some students like networking devices together while others derive pleasure in writing program codes and seeing them work. It is therefore wise to focus on the area where one is more skilled when choosing or formulating a research topic.

Of What Use is the Research to your career?
A person without a long term goal is visionless. Working towards achieving this long term goal involves tilting majority of your activities to that goal. This applies to computer scientists too. A student aspiring to be a PhD holder in the data mining area of computer science should choose a research topic that will contribute to his/her knowledge in that area.

What Is the Cost of Carrying Out The Research?
The cost of every tool, contribution of other researchers, books and every other thing that will bring the research project to a successful completion must be carefully evaluated. Afterwards you are expected to determine if you will be having financial constraints that will hinder the research. Effort can also be made to apply for grants by finding out relevant organizations that may be willing to support such project financially.

Is Your Supervisor A Specialist In The Chosen Research Area?
Some institutions are very organized in the way they assign supervisors to research students while some are not. If you find yourself under a supervisor that does not specialize in your research area, you should endeavor to ask the authorities in charge to be supervised by someone else in a polite manner

Can the Research Land You A Job?
When choosing a research topic, it is often a good thing to perform a background check in order to identify companies, organizations and so on that may benefit from your research. This can earn you a well-paying job or contract after the completion of the project.

Research work is time consuming but noble. The proceeds of a research can put an end to disease outbreak, lead to performance optimization of infrastructures, increase a country’s GDP… In fact the list of research merits can be numerous. This post enumerate a list of questions to be answered before formulating a computer science MSc research topic as well as discuss how answers can be provided to the questions. I hope this post has been educative and will like to thank you for reading.

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