Monday, 14 March 2016

What To Do When Twitter Stop You From Following More People

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Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites that help promote business and interest of individuals online. People use this amazing site with over 500 million users to reach others and promote other sites and blogs. For instance after publishing this post i will share it on twitter so as to reach as many twitter users as possible that may benefit from reading it. Apart from the twitter ads premium feature of the site, there is a free way of promoting one's self or business and this is by getting more followers.

 Famous and eminent personalities on this large-user-base site easily get much more followers than ordinary users. It has been confirmed that one way for the user who is neither famous nor rich to promote his/her twitter account is by being active on the site and most importantly following users of the site. This increase the chance of gaining more followers as those you follow may follow back. However there is a limit to the number follows a day. This limit is also affected by the ratio of your followers to the number of users you're following. If the number of people you are following is twice your number of followers then you stand the chance of been blocked from following until things balance up. Twitter placed this barrier to improve their service. The message below is what you see once you reach the "following" limit

Now how can we make things balance up?

Once you get blocked from following, the next logical thing to do is to unfollow those that are yet to follow you back after a long period of time so that the number can reduce. It is okay if you keep getting more followers after you're blocked but the chances are very slim if you're not a celebrity, posting tweets, promoting your account and using premium features. There are online tools that makes unfollowing easy and one of them is unfollowspy. Below is a snapshot of the twitter statistics that unfollowspy can provide.

You will see this when you login to the site with your twitter account (no need to register). Just click on "People who don't follow you back" link to unfollow all those that refuse to follow you back after many days of you following them. Unfollowspy is also a management tool for instagram and Soundcloud. At unfollowspy, 100 accounts can be unfollowed per day but you can unfollow unlimited accounts with the premium subscription.

I hope this has been a helpful guide, always check back for more. Please click here to get a good eBook from Amazon that give more details on how to gain more twitter followers. Thanks for reading this post.
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