Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Why You Should Embrace Google Online Services

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Google has made its mark in many areas of online services. The company has helped many people by giving some full time job and making surfing the net a wonderful experience for hundreds of millions of internet users. This post is aimed at explaining why Google services should be embraced by those who are yet to start using them and those that are only focusing a particular service. Below are some of the reasons why Google is a good alternative for carrying out many online activities.

Comprehensive Statistics
Google Analytics help web developers and bloggers to comprehensively analyze the traffic to their site. It informs the user on the number of unique visitors on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis as well as traffic sources, browsers and operating system information among other benefits. Graphical representation that gives a quick overview is also available.

Opportunity to Make Money Online
One of the ways your creativity can be rewarded is through Google AdSense advertisement service. A lot of bloggers have become rich as a result of leveraging this great opportunity as it is widely known that Google AdSense is the best paying ad service. If you have innovative ideas to share to world or have passion for teaching people how to do some things, it will be a good idea to visit blogger to start sharing. You can later get a custom domain for and then apply to start using Google AdSense once you have enough original content on your blog. Keep in mind that you have to follow Google’s blogging policy before your application can be approved.

A Good Way to Backup
Majority of internet users have become victims of data loss. Some people only had to part with contacts and multimedia on their device while some lose very valuable information like company data, research work, database files, and so on. All these are as a result of not having a good backup facility in place. Google Drive is a very reliable space to save files that are important to you. Many personal computer owners mainly rely of external hard drives for backing up all their files but these drives can be stolen, crash or perform in an unexpected manner that can lead to data loss. Therefore it is wise to periodically back your files on Google drive, especially the important ones.
Online Social Networking Made Easy
Many social networks exist but some cannot be ignored when we decide to list the top 10. Google Plus social networking service is one of them. The service allows you to meet new people as well as connect you to your friends, colleagues and families. You can also setup or join communities that reflect your area of interest. To know more about this wonderful networking service visit google plus

Google Search Engine
It is a well-known fact that Google stands out when search engines are being discussed. Google has the best infrastructure and methodology in place to make online researching encouraging. Visit google if you’re a newbie to online search.

E-mail Service
Google’s Gmail is among the best email services with a lot of features. Apart from having a lot of features, it is really fast and convenient to use. To use this service go to google mail services

We have successfully discussed the major online Google services that are worth embracing. Are you a developer, blogger, researcher or just an internet enthusiast? Choose Google services to achieve your internet goals and you’ll never regret making that decision. know more about how Google works at Amazon. Thanks for reading and always check back for more post.
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