Thursday, 14 April 2016

Comparing Samsung Galaxy S7 and One Plus 2

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Smart phones that flood the mobile device market come with more enhanced features than previous models as technology advances. Today there are smart phones that can carry out almost all kinds of sophisticated digital tasks that use to be possible only with a Personal Computer (PC). To support advanced functions, manufacturers improve on the hardware especially in terms of the Random Access Memory (RAM) and graphics chip. In this post am going to compare two of the latest smart phones you can find in the market today. They are one plus 2 and Samsung galaxy s7. The comparison will be in terms of hardware, operating system and price. You about to find out which has more features and more expensive than the other.

One Plus 2 is an android smart phone designed by Chinese manufacturer OnePlus and announced July 2015. Below are the features of the phone.
Hardware: One plus two is built with a 1.82GHz Octacore Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 CPU and 3/4GB RAM 16/64GB ROM. This is the reason behind its speed and ability to have many more applications open at the same time without hanging than some other smart phones. The phone’s screen is 5.5 inch IPS LCD FHD screen at 401 ppi. Though the phone has no microSD, some other hardware features are:
1.      13MP camera, 5MP selfie
2.      Dual SIM
3.      3300mAh battery.
Price: The current price is 300 euro.
Operating System: One Plus 2 runs on Android OS 5.1

This is the newest smart phone product from Samsung and was announced 2016, February. It features table 10-resistance, enhanced cameras and ability to add microSD. The features of the phone in details in terms of hardware, OS and cost are as follows:
Hardware: Samsung S7 is built with 2.3GHz octacore Exynos 8890 CPU and 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM expandable to 200GB. As expected it is faster and allows more programs in memory than one plus 2. Other hardware features are as follows:
1.      5.1 inch Super AMOLED QHD screen at 577ppi
2.      12MP camera, 5MP selfie
3.      3000mAh battery
4.      TouchID
5.      Water resistant
Operating System: Samsung galaxy S7 runs of Android OS 6.0.1.
Price: The official price of this phone is 800 euro. This is more than twice the cost of one plus 2. Though Samsung phones are generally perceived to be expensive, this particular model really should cost more than One Plus 2 because of its additional features.

From the above comparison of Samsung Galaxy S7 and One Plus 2 phones, it can be deduced that the former is more sophisticated than the latter. However, Samsung Galaxy S7 is much more expensive. Many would love to go for it but it is a matter of how much is in your pocket. I hope this post has been informative to you. Don’t forget to keep checking back for more posts. Thanks for viewing.
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