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How to Register a Custom Domain Name on

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There are many reasons why developers set up a custom domain. One of the reasons may be to map the domain with an existing sub domain hosting some content. For example I had to link my BlogSpot subdomain ( to since I intend to make some money through Google AdSense. There are many articles online about how to set up a custom domain using popular domain companies such as Godaddy and the likes. In this post you’ll learn how to set up a domain with a not-so-popular domain giant –

At, you can get some of the cheapest offers especially with coupon codes. Another cool thing about is the ease of registration and payment setup. Am not saying it is the cheapest, neither am I saying it is the best but you may want to try it out.

Purchasing A Domain
To setup your custom domain at follow the steps below:
1.    Search Your Domain Name: The first thing to do is check if the intended domain has not been purchased by someone else. If it has been purchased you’ll have to choose another domain or buy from the owner if he/she is ready to sell. To search scroll down a little bit and you’ll see a search bar. Type in your domain name and press enter key or click the search button.

2.    Add Domain to Cart: Next add the domain to cart. Once you do that a checkout button pops up at the bottom right corner of the page. Click the button to move on the next page.

3.    Confirm Select: Here you are required to confirm that you really want to register the domain. Just scroll down and click continue. Don’t bother about all the extra offers on the page since you are a beginner.
4.    Supply Billing Information: The next thing to do is supply billing information. This should be easier for those used to online transactions. Fill the form fields shown with required details and click the checkout button to register your domain.
5.    Access Account: If the transaction is successful you’ll be sent an email. You can login to your account with the password and domain name you registered with.

Setting Up DNS
DNS setup is necessary for your newly registered domain to function properly especially if you are mapping the domain to an existing one. The major DNS  features to configure are the A records and CNAME records. The CNAME is most important as it points a subdomain to another domain or subdomain. A records helps to point your domain to the IP address of an existing site so that the it can be accessed even without adding www in front of the address. Other records you’ll find in the DNS configuration panel are MS, NX, and TXT/SPF records as well as the private name server.
To configure DNS on, login and click on domain central link in the domain section of your account. Click on your domain name to reveal the configuration panel. For detail information on how to configure the DNS records visit their knowledge base and follow the steps provided.

You have successfully been informed about another powerful domain name platform. As you’ll see on the site, hosting and website building services are also available. I hope this has been informative. Thanks for reading.
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