Monday, 11 April 2016

How to Share Android Internet Connection with a Windows 7 PC Using USB Tethering

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Majority of smart phones have internet capabilities incorporated. To connect to the internet requires subscribing to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for data services. The ISPs are mostly mobile network merchants that provide internet access as part of their services. A lot of things can be done online using our smart phones and people embrace this since they are easy to carry around and easier to operate. However, we still need to use our Personal Computers (PCs) to carry out some internet activities. For example when designing a website on my laptop I need internet connection to use an File Transfer Protocol FTP program to upload my files. Doing this with a smart phone will prove very difficult. The good news is there’s no need to buy a modem to connect your PC to the internet if you have an android phone updated with the latest android Operating System (OS). In this post I will demonstrate how to share internet connection on a phone powered by Android with a PC through a process called Universal Serial Bus (USB) Tethering. The procedure works in a similar way for most android phones but am going to use Lenny 2 model of Wiko as the case study android phone and a windows 7 powered PC. Wiko is a brand of android phones designed in France and assembled in China.

What Is Tethering?
Basically, tethering is the process of connecting devices together. In the context of mobile devices, tethering is the process of sharing mobile data connection with another device. Mobile phones can be tethered to PCs for the purpose of internet connection sharing. This process is called Wi-Fi tethering when the connection is made wirelessly and USB Tethering when the connection is through a USB cable.

USB Tethering for Internet Connection Sharing Using Wiko Lenny 2
To share your android phone’s internet connection with a PC and avoid having to get a modem and extra subscription, follow the steps below:

  1. Get hold of the USB cable shipped with your phone and connect it to the PC.
  2. Choose the USB option to connect for media purpose. Don’t open any folder or file on your phone when it is connected to the PC
  3. Tap the settings icon on your phone and then tap the “More” option on the “Wireless & networks” section. When you do that, a screen will display as shown below.
  4. Tap the “Tethering & portable hotspot” option to reveal the screen shown below.
  5. Drag the button besides the “USB tethering” option to the right to activate USB tethering. It turns green when activated and you’ll hear a sound from your PC if your audio system is functioning.
  6. When the network icon on the task bar of your PC shows that you’re connected, you can then launch your browser and start surfing the net.

That is all for today. You can now stop thinking of how to get your PC connected to the internet when you have an android phone. Though I used a wiko phone and windows 7 powered PC as illustration, the process is not too different with other android phones and windows PC. All you need to do when you notice a slight difference is to calm down and try to do some little diggings. I hope this post has been informative and educative enough. Thanks for reading.
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