Friday, 29 April 2016

Trick to Solve Data Connection Issue on an Android Phone

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As we all know, data connection is a necessity when there is a need to access the internet. One is denied this connection when out of data volume and need to renew subscription. Other times it may be due to some irregularities. The problem may be from service provider or as a result of device malfunction. Today, a large percentage of smart phones are powered by the Android Operating System (OS) and these phones also experience data connection issues.
In this post I will share with you a trick that has been working for me whenever I need to fix data connection failure on my Wiko Lenny 2 Android phone while still having active data subscription. The process is similar with other android devices having the latest OS version installed.

Resolving the Issue
To resolve the issue of data connection, carefully do the following:

  1. Perform Necessary Checks: To avoid confusion, you need to verify if you’re really having a technical issue connecting to the internet or if the problem is as a result of your ignorance. First ensure your data connection is switched on and that there is reasonable mobile network signal in your location. You can move to the next step when all these have been confirmed.
  2. Advanced Solution: Basically there are 3 types of internet mobile networks on an android phone namely; second generation (2G), third generation (3G) and 2G/3G. The third one automatically switches between 2G and 3G. I observed that toggling between these three options has always proved to be of help. To do this follow the steps below:

                      i.        Locate the “Settings” icon on your device and tap it to open up the panel that control your phone’s settings
                    ii.        Next tap “Data usage” option
                   iii.        If you have two Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards on your phone, make sure you are on the one with which you bought data connection.
                   iv.        On the top right corner click on the menu icon beside the search button and “mobile networks”.
                    v.        This will bring up mobile network settings. Click “Preferred networks” options to see preferred network types (2G, 3G and 2G/3G).
                   vi.        If you have been on 2G/3G when you’re having connection issues, switch to 3G and wait for the phone to reselect network type.
                  vii.        For locations with networks that have no support for 3G, you can switch to 2G. This happens when you find yourself in a place where your service provider has a not-so-good coverage.
                viii.        Repeat the above steps if network is still not up. Try to toggle between 3G and 3G/2G several times and you’ll get connected once again.

The solution provided in this post is a tried and tested tweak. I use to experience disconnection from the internet from time to time and always end up leaving the phone until connection is automatically restored. This can be very annoying as it may happen when one really need to do important things through the web. I hope this post has been informative and I’ll like to thank you for viewing.
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