Monday, 30 May 2016

Watch Out for Afrizle - A Social Network Targeting Africans

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A Brief Timeline
Online Social Networks (OSN) are internet services that are known to majorly connect people that ordinarily wouldn’t have been able to reach each other with ease. Services of these kinds were first introduced in the late 1990s. Though early OSNs were faced with many challenges, they paved the way for the successful ones we’re now enjoying. Starting with the launch of in 1997, OSNs shoot off on the internet and a lot of failures and successes were recorded in the first five years. Each OSN has something unique about it and this has contributed to their success. Because the cost of maintaining internet services were high when social networks first came into existence, some OSN were forced to end their services, even didn’t make it. From 1997 to 2001, a number OSN such as AsianAvenue, BlackPlanet, and Migente sprang up offering unique combinations of existing tools and adding theirs. They all had their ups and downs and some were forced to close down just like

Though many OSN such as Havard-only Facebook, MySpace, Flickr  were launched between 2003 to 2004, the years 2005 and 2006 saw the launching of the networks (e.g. Yahoo 360, facebook for high school networks, YouTube, Cyworld, etc.) that are most successful even till today. Some that started earlier relaunched in 2005 to make their service available to a wider range of people and offering enhanced features. A good example is Facebook for everyone that launched in 2006. AsianAvenue and BlackPlanet are also good examples of OSNs that relaunched and extended their service. Facebook has become the most popular and successful OSN because it introduced a number of unique concepts and features that makes the browsing experience of any internet user a wonderful one.

Many not-so-popular OSN are also famous among their targeted audience. For example also launched in 2005 was targeted at Nigerians and has gained so much popularity that it has become one of the most visited sites in Nigeria. Another example is aimed at connecting people with the aim of making friends, dating and other related activities.

Afrizle Social Network
There is something unique about every existing OSNs and more are on the way. Afrizle is one of the next OSNs with unique features to watch out for. Reliable sources revealed that Afrizle is targeted at Africans and will be accessible in few months to this time by visiting afrizle. I know you’ll visit that site now but like I said, it is still under construction. You can bookmark it and keep checking from time to time to be a pioneering member immediately the site is launched. In an interview with Afrizle’s lead programmer, Isaac Odus, it was gathered that the system they're developing based on PHP/MYSQL and the Android app for Afrizle will be released months after the main site is launched. He said: “Though Afrizle is targeted at Africans, internet users from any part of the world are highly welcomed on the site and will never regret using it. This is a site borne out of love for digital communication and passion for programming. We are based in Nigeria, we are not out to compete with any existing social networks out there but just want to give online networking enthusiast an opportunity to connect and interact from a different perspective. It will be my Joy that when we finally launch the site, it will turn out to be acceptable in the long run. I respect my role models in Nigeria and abroad and hope we can work together some day”. When asked what makes the site unique from other social networks he said: “Afrizle combines some capabilities of both a discussion forum and social networking while promoting African culture as well as giving a voice to Africans generally. You know most African countries are still developing countries, they are nursing poverty, insurgency and corruption among other things. These are issues that we hope people will analyze on the forum. Our members will also be able to connect with others  through some networking strategies I don’t intend to disclose for now. The site will be a go to site for individuals willing to make African friends online. People from other continents can also sign up on the site to enjoy our services. It is not as if we are restricting it to only African countries but only want it to be more populated by Africans home and abroad. Seun Osewa’s creation of Nairaland to give a voice to Nigerians inspired me to start work on Afrizle”.

The launch date is not known yet but the Afrizle team stressed that the site will be fully functional before end of August this year. So add  to your bookmarks as I just did so that we can be one of the first members of the Afrizle Social Network. Watch out!
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Monday, 16 May 2016

Solution to Error Establishing Database Connection on WordPress Sites

So you just finish setting up a self-hosted WordPress site and got it running for some time. Then one day, you visit the site and all that you saw was “Error establishing database connection”. Things get worst when some of your friends or known subscriber to your blog start calling to tell you the same thing. This can be a very confusing situation, especially if one is experiencing it for the first time. It happened to me too but I was able to find a solution to it after doing some thorough research on the internet. In this post I’ll share how I fixed the problem with you.

Reasons for the Error
The reason browsers display this error on WordPress sites is because there is a problem with the database used in setting up WordPress. Usually there may be a problem with some tables in the database that need to be repaired. Other reasons may be; unresponsive database server, invalid login credentials or someone gained access to your database and change the login details. Several other factors could be the cause but the most common cause is that the database has been corrupt and need to be repaired. We’ll go through how to do this in the next section.

The first thing to do when trying to solve this problem is to back up your database. This put you on the safe side when things get out of hand unexpectedly. The solution ultimately lies in the wp-config.php file of your WordPress installation. So the next step is to determine whether the database needs to be repaired or the connection credentials need to be reconfigured. If you visit the admin panel of your site (e.g. and you receive the error “One or more database tables are unavailable” then the database need to be repaired. Otherwise, if you receive the same error message “Error establishing a database connection” on the admin panel, then the connection settings in the wp-config.php file need to be tweaked.

Repairing the Database: To repair the database, open the wp-config.php file in an editor and locate the line where you have the code:

define('WP_DEBUG', false);

Insert the following code in the next line just before the comment that says “That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging.”

define ('WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true);

Next repair the database by visiting

WordPress will display two options to you. The first one is to only repair the database while the second option allow you to both repair and optimize. It is advisable to choose the second option, though it may take longer time depending on the size of your database. After the repair and optimization has been completed, undo the changes made to the wp-config.php file and visit your site once again.

Changing Connection Settings: Like I said both solutions lies in the wp-config.php file. So we’re going to tweak this file once again. It is in this file connection details are specified. So open your wp.config.php once again and check if the connection details is the same as what you initially provided when installing WordPress. The connection is the first you’ll see after the introductory comments and is as follows:

define('DB_NAME', 'database_name');

define('DB_USER', 'database_username');

define('DB_PASSWORD', 'database_password');

define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');

Check if the setting is okay. Make necessary changes if what you have in the settings in the code above is incorrect.


That is my contribution to this WordPress issue. When using the second troubleshooting option and you see that the database connection setting is correct, then something else is wrong. What should be done in this case is to check the MySQL server. Sometimes there may be too much traffic that the server is unable to handle. This is popular with WordPress sites using shared hosting. 
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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Huawei Launches Honor V8, Comparing Apple iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro

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Today I’ll be reviewing three phones. As usual the review will be in terms of such things memory, processor, power, screen, camera, cost, and so on. First I’ll talk about one of Huawei’s latest smart phone release – Honor V8. Afterwards, Apple iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro will be compared.
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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Auto-sharing Blog Posts on Social Networks Using OnlyWire

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It is not enough to just write a blog post, publish it and then relax. Your post is of no value if it can’t reach a lot of people. Promoting posts can be achieved manually through different avenues. We add share buttons to posts so that visitors can share them on various social networks like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and so on but there is no guarantee that they will. However, manually sharing posts yourself can be time consuming especially for writers with many blogs.
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Monday, 9 May 2016

Make Long Posts Short on WordPress and Blogger by Adding the "Read more" Link

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When I first created this blog, the full body of my posts shows on the homepage. At first I didn’t see it as weird until I noticed most blogs don’t have the full body of posts on their home page. Most blogs only post linked titles on homepage or add some part of the posts to the linked title. I also read a comment of someone stressing that users find it tiring to scroll all the way down for a summarized view. I was able to reduce the number of posts on the home page but couldn’t add the “Read more” links.
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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

How to Make Background Color of a Table Data Change on Hover Using CSS

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HTML tables are used to layout web pages and are controlled basically by the <table> tag and its subsets. The table cell holds data and is controlled by the <td> tag which is a subset of <tr> and <table> tag. Sometimes one may desire to make the background of a table <td> change when a mouse pointer is moved over the region. This is desired to apply some effects to the data controlled by the <td> tag especially when it is a hyperlink. It may be achieved with
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Monday, 2 May 2016

Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 6, UMI Super and Wiko Slide 2

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The post before this was a comparison of HealthWatches – smart watches capable of assisting you in living a healthier life. In today’s post we shall be comparing three latest smart phones, UMI Super, Samsung Galaxy Note 6 and Wiko Slide 2. UMI is a smart phone manufacturing company based in China. Just like Reach Mobiles of India, the company is not a popular one. According to sources the company is working on another phone (UMI SUPER) design, yet to be released. We are all familiar with Samsung phones but not many people have seen or heard about the yet to be released Note 6. Wiko, a smart phone producing company based in France has been releasing Android powered phones built using Chinese technology.
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Sunday, 1 May 2016

3 Smart Watches that can Help You Live a Healthier Life.


There are smart phones and there are smart watches. Unlike decades ago, smart phones can be found even with the least significant groups of in a society. Smart watches on the other hand are still scarce gadgets found only with few individuals. Though the production of smart watches began over 15 years ago, they are yet to be as popular as smart phones. As far back as 2001, IBM released the first smart watch which they called WatchPad (based on Linux).
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