Sunday, 1 May 2016

3 Smart Watches that can Help You Live a Healthier Life.


There are smart phones and there are smart watches. Unlike decades ago, smart phones can be found even with the least significant groups of in a society. Smart watches on the other hand are still scarce gadgets found only with few individuals. Though the production of smart watches began over 15 years ago, they are yet to be as popular as smart phones. As far back as 2001, IBM released the first smart watch which they called WatchPad (based on Linux).
Since then, efforts have been made by several companies to manufacture watches with high tech capabilities. Some of them are even incorporated with full features of a basic smart phone. Today am going to discuss three smart watches currently the topic of discussion among tech geeks. Count yourself opportune to know about them now because they are presently only available in few countries. In fact two of them are not yet to be launched.

Caeden is a health watch primarily meant to make you focus and reduce stress levels. It is an interesting but stylish bracelet that pairs with your iPhone or Android phone via its dedicated app to monitor your breathing, hear rate, heart beat intervals and so on. Its primary focus  is to keep a detailed track of your health and recommend health tips to improve conditions of asthmatic patients, depression and irritable bowel condition. The price of this watch is 200 US dollars ($20).

The Citizen ALBATO M Smartwatch
This phone is currently available only in Japan for now. The Citizen ALBATO M Smartwatch looks all shades of techie but indeed fashionable, with this rugged touch on it. With this watch you don’t need to start dipping your hands into your pocket whenever you need to pick an incoming call. It pairs with your iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth and is ready to relay calls, messages and is ready to relay calls from your phone to it, but not offering all the health related information like steps taken, heart rate monitor and so on. 

Philips to Launch HealthWatch Later this Year
Philips is a company that has been making life easy for people by manufacturing utility products in the following areas; Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle and Lightening.  Much has been discussed by many about Philips’ plan to release a smart watch called HealthWatch. Philips will be taking the wraps off its much talked about HealthWatch later this year.
The said watch is said to be an all-round health monitor which would gather details of users pertaining to heart rate, sleep patterns, blood pressure, etc. It will also guide users to changing some lifestyle traits. It would achieve this in collaboration with its robust HealthSuite app installed on your phone. The price of the phone is expected to be around 250 pounds (sterling).

Tech and engineering innovations to make us live a healthier life has been extended to watches. The manifestation of these efforts will be fully observed when the smart watches discussed above are released. So watch out for these devices and be among the first in your country to get them. I hope value has been added to your intellect through this post. Thanks for viewing.
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