Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Auto-sharing Blog Posts on Social Networks Using OnlyWire

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It is not enough to just write a blog post, publish it and then relax. Your post is of no value if it can’t reach a lot of people. Promoting posts can be achieved manually through different avenues. We add share buttons to posts so that visitors can share them on various social networks like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and so on but there is no guarantee that they will. However, manually sharing posts yourself can be time consuming especially for writers with many blogs.
Automated approach is the best way of promoting your posts. Different blogging platforms provide automated solutions. For example, my blog posts on blogger are automatically shared on google plus while the articles I write on WordPress are shared on about four networks using a built-in plugin called Publicize. Recently I found a much more efficient way of sharing both my posts on blogger and WordPress to all the social networks I’m a member of using an online automated sharing tool known as OnlyWire – a smart way of promoting posts on social media.

OnlyWire is an online automated sharing platform that share your posts on different social networks as soon as you publish them. One good thing about OnlyWire is that you can configure it to share posts from different Content Management Systems (CMS) to up to 30 social networks for free. You pay when you share to about 50. Of course 30 networks are enough for majority of bloggers out there. All you need is a one-time setup where you specify the networks you want your posts to be shared and provide URL to feeds from your blog. You can also provide post on only wire and have it shared to all the networks you configured on it.

How to Promote Your Posts with OnlyWire
In this section am going to explain in details how auto-sharing can be done using OnlyWire. Like I said earlier, no matter how inspiring, educative or informative your posts may be, they are useless if you don’t promote them. Follow the steps below to use OnlyWire auto-posting service:

  1. Visit OnlyWire website by clicking here.
  2. I recommend you login with Facebook as this is faster than having to sign up again.
  3. Once logged in, take note of the navigation bar on the left comprising of Posts, Networks, Automation, Enterprise and Support links. We are working with the first three. The post section allows you to write posts and have them shared on the network you configured in the networks section. Automation is where you configure URLs t your blog for auto-sharing.
  4. To start with, click the “Networks” link. You’ll see a long list of networks you can connect with Only Wire. Click on the ones you belong to and configure them one after the other. The setup is very easy and to make things easier, make sure you’re logged in on your social networks while setting them up on OnlyWire.
  5. Next click the “Automation” link. Here add URL of your blog’s feeds by clicking the “Add New” button. For example, the URL for feeds on this blog is http://www.femitechinn.com/feeds/posts/default.
  6. While still in the automation section, specify the networks you want posts from your blog to be automatically shared on by selecting the “Choose Networks” radio button.
  7. You can also choose all the networks you configured by selecting the “Post to all networks” button.
  8. Now click “Posts” on the navigation on the side and try to post link from your blog. Provide the URL to the posts, the post title and few lines from the post. Share it and check your social networks. This is just to test your configurations. The configurations you provided in the Automation section will auto-share your blog posts.

That is all I have for you on auto-posting through OnlyWire. There are other sharing platforms you can try such Hootsuite, Triberr, SocialAdr and so on. Most of these alternative platforms support fewer networks. For instance Twitterfeeds doesn’t allow Google plus pages and LinkedIn company pages. If you have a better way of auto-sharing posts, you can share you experiences using the comment box below.
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