Monday, 9 May 2016

Make Long Posts Short on WordPress and Blogger by Adding the "Read more" Link

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When I first created this blog, the full body of my posts shows on the homepage. At first I didn’t see it as weird until I noticed most blogs don’t have the full body of posts on their home page. Most blogs only post linked titles on homepage or add some part of the posts to the linked title. I also read a comment of someone stressing that users find it tiring to scroll all the way down for a summarized view. I was able to reduce the number of posts on the home page but couldn’t add the “Read more” links.
This has got me researching and recently I found a way to do it on both WordPress and Blogger. Surprisingly it is very simple. Some dynamic templates on these Content Management Systems (CMS) automatically shorten the posts but the more basic templates don’t. In today’s article I’ll share the steps I followed with you.

On Blogger
To add a “Read more” link to a blogger post so that only some part of your post show on the home page of your blog, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the “New Post” button or “edit” link of existing posts on your blog admin page.
  2. Start typing and when you get to the point where you want your post shortened and “Read more” link added, stop typing and make sure the cursor is in the desired position.
  3. Click the “Insert jump break” icon as indicated below.
  4. Continue typing and publish or update your post when you’re through.
  5. Visit your blog to see the effect.

On WordPress
Posts can be shortened on WordPress sites too. Just like Blogger, some WordPress templates/themes are very basic and need some tweaking to add a “Read more” link to long posts. The steps below can guide you in making long post short on this CMS:

  1. On your WordPress Dashboard, click the “Add new” link in the Posts section or edit link on an existing post.
  2. Start typing your posts or make changes to existing posts.
  3. When you get to the point where you want the “Read more” link added, stop and make sure the cursor is positioned there.
  4. Click the “Insert Read More tag” icon as situated in the tools bar above your post editor and below the title as show below.
  5. Publish or update your post.
  6. Visit your blog or site to see changes effected.

I can imagine that some geeks out there are having difficulties shortening posts on their blog. Even I as a techie didn’t know about this easy fix until recently. Of course I know how to write a code to achieve that if I wasn’t using a CMS, but it is always good to make use of the tools readily available in a CMS. Some people get around this issue by using dynamic themes. However many dynamic themes on some CMS like WordPress are not free. Besides, basic themes are the best in cases where simplicity of the site is a major requirement. I hope this post has been both informative and educative. Thanks for reading.
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