Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Apple Patented a Way to Prevent You from Filming Shows, Concerts and the Likes

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People get excited at the thought of videoing a live event with their portable mobile gadgets so that they can review later in the comfort of their homes. This has some negative effect on the part of the organizers of such events when they intend to make money from making the video available to the general public. Some event centers politely inform people that pictures and videos are not allowed during concerts. Some museums and movie theaters also have rules stressing the dis-allowance of photography and videos. But informing people about the restrictions is where it ends. People hardly adhere to such rules and of course it is hard for those in charge to keep a crowd of thousands of people in check.

Apple has recently discovered a way to prevent people from recording events at concerts and movie theaters using their phones. The tech giant has also successfully patented the new discovery. The system works as follows; infrared emitters are installed in venues to remotely disable smartphones camera functions. The infrared beams emitted are interpreted by the smartphones camera in the arena as instructions to hinder their usage in taking pictures and recording events. This is a major breakthrough for entertainers especially musicians, comedians, and performers. After attending a show, people tend to quickly leak free videos of on the internet. Some notorious bloggers are fond of doing this. 

There are some technical setbacks to this new development. The patented system need to be incorporated into the software of phones. This makes it possible for existing phones to still succeed in filming and taking pictures even if infrared emitters are in place. Another issue to worry about is that people may not be able to take pictures of or record criminal acts performed in places where this system is used. This will be a major concern if this system is integrated into future media gadgets like Cam Coders. The sale of media gadgets may fall a bit since some people’s sole aim of purchasing them in the first place is to steal shows and post them on social media. The use of the system may be restricted to only some smart phones as Apple has made a smart move to patent it so that no other company can use it.

So where do we go from here? Are we expecting the use of Apple no-filming system anytime soon? Of course entertainers and public speakers will be happy to hear about this. But how soon can majority of event centers around the world fully implement the system? Of course in developing countries like Nigeria it may take a long time to embrace it.
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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

5 Password Mistakes Internet Surfers Make

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Majority of internet surfers deal with passwords every day. These passwords are used to authenticate users of interactive website so they can access some service. Passwords are very important especially when carrying out online transactions. Any password breach can lead to such things as loss of huge amount of money. This is why it is important to use passwords that are difficult to guess. Though some sites put in places policies that will force you to use strong passwords, others don’t and it is left to users to adopt difficult-to-guess passwords. Below are some of the password mistakes people make that constitute some of the web security issues on the internet today.


Use of Bio data: When you use personal information such as name, surname or date of birth as a password, you are making it easy for an intruder who has some details about you to impersonate. When trying to guess passwords, hackers try things like your name, surname, birth date, and so on. By the time a hacker attempt login into your account for about 5 times, he/she get authenticated after trying the common information about you. Usually on of such tries involves birth year, combination of birth year with day and month, or combination of birth year with day, and so on.

Using Only Alphabets: Hackers use a technique called Brute Force to carry out security breaches. The technique tries different combination of characters to succeed in gaining unauthorized access. The use of only alphabets while registering passwords It makes it easy for brute force attack to become a success. Users should try to include symbols in their passwords. This makes it stronger.

Short Passwords: The longer a password is the harder it becomes to guess. This does not mean that one should combine his/her surname with first name; this is out of the question. Rather you use combinations like your favorite food, a random number, and the name of a sibling or any other person in your family followed by a symbol. Such password combinations are impossible for hackers to guess even with brute force attack.

Using Numbers Only: Just like the sole use of only alphabets in passwords, using only numbers in passwords exposes a user account to dangers of password breach especially when the password is also short. It makes it possible for brute force attacks to succeed. 

Use of Same Password for Different Accounts: People register on many internet platforms using the same passwords. Some people even go as far as using this same password for financial platforms like PayPal. This is very risky even if it is a strong password. Once a hacker that may be on your trail for some time is able to get the password you use on a particular platform (for example social network like Facebook), he/she will surely try it on other platform you’re registered with.
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Sunday, 19 June 2016

How to Know Who Has Been Viewing Your Facebook Profile

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There are many social networks on the internet today that engage surfers so much that some people get carried away once they login. Some of these social networks e.g. Eskimi provide links that load a page revealing viewers of a user’s profile. Others don’t provide a way for common users to see who’s viewed their profile. Facebook, the most popular online social network is no exception. In this post you’ll learn how to know those you viewed your profile on Facebook. This trick may not be possible on many smart phones but surely easy to accomplish with a Personal Computer (PC).

Steps to follow
The first thing you need to do is to login to your Facebook account. Afterwards, follow the steps below.
1.    While logged in right click anywhere on your Facebook page that’s not a link. This will bring up some options.
2.    Click the “View Page Source” option. This will bring up the source code of your Facebook page. The source code may get users that are not familiar with program codes confused. But don’t worry you don’t have to study the code. It is just the text responsible for what you see on your page and contains some valuable information.
3.    Next you’re to look for a particular string of text in this code. Press the key combinations Ctrl + F on your computer. This will bring up a search bar, type “InitialChatFriendsList” without the quotes and press the enter key.
4.    When you do that you’ll see the snippet below. The numbers in quote after “list”:[ is what we’re interested in. They’re separated by comma. This is the list of numbers (people) that have viewed your profile in the last 24 hours. They’re listed in descending order of number of views.

5.    Copy the string of numbers before “-” by highlighting and pressing key combinations Ctrl + C. For example the number copied from the string of numbers circled in the figure above is “1299627102”. We left out “-2”. This number is the id of the viewer of your profile.
6.    To view the person’s profile just type www.facebook.com in your address bar, add “/” and paste the number you copied. For our example number it will be www.facebook.com/1299627102. Press enter key and get your stalker revealed.
That is all there is to getting know your profile visitors. Like I said the id numbers are arranged in descending order of how often the user visits your profile. This means that the first id number represents the person that visited your profile most while the last may have visited just once in the last 24 hours. Try this trick and leave a comment.

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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Implications of Amazon's Use of Drones in Delivery System

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When one think of buying tech gadgets and other stuffs online, before you think of three sites Amazon will come to your mind. Amazon is one of the most reliable and secured online stores out there. The company has introduced innovative improvements to enhance its services. One of the recent innovations Amazon is working on is the use of drones called Amazon Prime Air Drone. This move is an indication that the human delivery system has not been efficient enough.

Now this is interesting as I’m beginning to imagine the exciting site of drones airdropping orders people made online. However, considering past problems experienced with automation of activities brought about my robots, one may be forced to think twice as Amazon plan to save cost and reduce labor. Another thing to worry about is the fact that this may lead to some people losing their jobs. Though the company has presented to the public the testimonies of those that has benefitted from the drone service so far, people are not really informed about the dark side of Amazon’s new embrace of robotics.

Human labor incurs cost as some companies even go as far as insuring the health of those involved apart from putting in place things like retirement packages. This implies that Amazon will save more money and process orders faster when the laborers are replaced with robots. Some tech analysts have previously proved that when robots are first used in place of humans, they tend not to be as efficient as the humans replace. Though things get much better later, productivity was always affected negatively before this change. The Amazon drones will sure produce desired results if the problems experienced with past robotic automation are well dealt with. I hope engineers are still working in the background to further perfect the activities of the drones.

The population of jobless individuals may continue to increase if Amazon’s competitors decide to copy Amazon as people in delivery system constitute a large percentage of unionized workforces. This should instigate some reactions from not only north American employees affected, but also customers because another question to ask is: Will Amazon drones not interfere with aircrafts? The issue of safety also needs to be addressed here but it seems people are not really interested in talking about the negative effect this new Amazon technological initiative may pose. Robots can do the work of humans, in fact faster but they cannot fill the space that will be created when there is lack of some kind of emotion between customers and workers in the delivery system.

Dr. Robert M. Goldman predicted that in future, automation will make many people jobless and this is already happening with the Amazon drones as one of the latest example. In his future prediction, Dr. Robert cited another example of how a China used 3D printing technology to erect a 6-storey office building. We can imagine the number of laborers that will be affected as a result of this. I believe in the future, continuous automation will make engineers and software developers the major players in the workforce of many developed nations. Like I said this is gradually becoming a reality
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Monday, 13 June 2016

LinkedIn to be Acquired by Microsoft.

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When Facebook acquired WhatsApp few years back for a very large sum of money it was an affirmation of a dream come true for the inventors of WhatsApp. The WhatsApp deal which was wrapped up for 19 billion dollars expanded Mark Zuckerberg’s business empire and the huge purchase is now paying off even though WhatsApp operations are still run independently. Microsoft has also recently decided to do something similar as the software company has announced interest in acquiring LinkedIn, an online network popular among professionals. The site was launched over a decade ago (around 2003), has about 400 million users of which around 80 to 90 million are active. To make the site more fun so that even visitors that are not looking for employment opportunities will not find it boring, a blogging platform was released two years ago. LinkedIn also expanded its business by purchasing pulse and Lynda.com. The former was bought for 90 million dollars three years ago while the latter, a platform for online education was bought for 1.5 billion dollars in 2015.

In the early hours of today, Microsoft disrupted activities relating to shares and announced that it is interested in buying the LinkedIn network for 26.2 billion dollars in cash. Just like WhatsApp remained independent after being bought by Facebook, LinkedIn will continue to operate independently even after the purchase of the professional network which will be finalized by the end of this year. As a result, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner will continue to be in charge of the company. Each share of the company will be bought by Microsoft at the rate of 196 dollars (about 64 dollars more than LinkedIn’s shares last traded at). Though the company had been trading above 200 dollars, an unclear forecast was rendered early this year.
From many indications, it is expected that the deal is going to be successful as even LinkedIn’s major shareholder and co-founder Reid Hoffman is in full support of it. This is reasonable as the amount of LinkedIn shares owned by Reid is equivalent to 2.55 billion dollars. In a recent release, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said:

“The LinkedIn team has grown a fantastic business centered on connecting the world’s professionals. Together we can accelerate the growth of LinkedIn, as well as Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics as we seek to empower every person and organization on the planet”.

It is the hope of Nadella and others at Microsoft that LinkedIn will be of far more benefit than the professional network Yammer which was bought for 1.2 billion dollars by the company. Though we are not sure if Microsoft as a whole is completely convinced of LinkedIn’s real worth, the company, judging from the things Nadella stressed, is making effort to gain some grounds in the online networking of professionals.
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Friday, 10 June 2016

How to Get 1GB Data with Just 100 Naira Only Using MTN StartPack

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Some days back, a post was shared on this blog on how to get some bonus on MTN BetaTalk. Here comes another cool trick to enjoy what Nigerians call “Awoof” on the MTN network. In this post you’ll learn how to get 1GB data with just 100 naira. You can actually get much more depending on how much you recharge. This trick is possible with the new MTN package called MTN StartPack. This package allow MTN subscribers to get a bonus worth five times what they recharge which means that you get 600 naira if you recharge 100 naira. This is termed "Yafun Yafun Bonus" by MTN.

Be rest assured that this trick will last for a long time as it is not some cheat that may be blocked. Another thing people may be afraid is that MTN may decide to increase their charges and make skyrocket. The reason for this is that MTN is fond of increasing call rates whenever they announce bonus on some plans. But this is a guaranteed package that works and is worth trying out.

Why is MTN given out this huge bonus?
Statistics reveal that MTN is losing subscribers to its mobile network competitor Globacom. In a bid to recover from this loss the Telecom giant MTN is putting in place many strategies and one of such is the launching of the StartPack Tariff plan. Well, while MTN is aimed at getting more subscribers we are aimed at getting more data. This plan is new and as a result many are yet to know about the benefits of migrating to it.

How it works
First thing to you need to do is buy a new MTN SIM card, make sure it is fully registered. There is no need for you do any migration, just buy MTN airtime and load it by dialing *555*PIN#. Instantly you’ll receive 500 percent bonus of your recharge. If you recharge 100 naira you’ll get 500 naira bonus which you can use to buy 1GB data. No if you recharge as high as 1000 naira then you know you’ll get 5000 naira bonus while the 1000 naira you recharge remain intact. You can now subscribe to data plan depending on how much you want to sacrifice for data by dial *123#. I as person recharged 1000 naira when I heard of this trick and use the 5000 naira bonus I got to buy 10GB data. The original 1000 naira was used for calling. You can check the status of your MTN StartPack Tariff plan by dialing *555*17#. This is a good way to enjoy lot of data and it works on a wide range of devices, from smart phones to laptop modems.
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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Use Your MTN Airtime to Both Pay for Data Plans and Still Make Calls with Double the Amount You Recharge

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MTN is one of the telecommunication giants in Africa with large percentage of its customers in Nigeria. MTN offer both phone call and data services. The call rates depends on the package you subscribe to (MTN Zone, betaTalk, TruTalk and so on), while the data rates are constant for all packages. Normally you can either use your airtime credit to buy data or to make phone calls except you’re benefitting from a promo package. But I’ve got a trick you can leverage in order to use your airtime for both phone call and data services.

How it works
To use this trick you have to migrate to MTN BetaTalk (you can do this as long as you’re a prepaid customer). On BetaTalk you get a bonus that is double the amount of airtime you recharge. Afterwards you’re been charge 40/sec for national calls on both your main and bonus account. SMS remains at normal rate and bonus is normally used up first before charges are placed on the main account. The trick I’ll share with you on this blog allow you to pay for data plans using your main account and call using airtime on your bonus account. This is what I’m using presently and am sure only few people out there know about the trick.

The Trick
The first thing you need to do is to ensure you’re on MTN BetaTalk. If you’re already using this package then you’re a step ahead. To migrate to BetaTalk, simply dial *123*2*6#. Another way to migrate is through SMS, just text BT (meaning BetaTalk) to 131. MTN will not charge you if it is the first time you’re migrating to BT in 30 days. However 100 naira is deducted from your account for subsequent migration within the same period. You migrate in and out as much as you want but you have to stay on BT for this trick to work for you.

After migrating to BT, get a credit card from any MTN airtime vendor, load it by dialing *555*PIN#, you’ll instantly receive a bonus double the amount you recharge. You can then go ahead to subscribe to a data plan by dialing *123# and following the prompts. You can only use the money on your main account to pay for data plans. For example if your recharge 1000 naira, you get 2000 naira bonus making 3000 naira total airtime. You can use the 1000 naira on your main account to subscribe to 1.5GB data plan (valid for 30 days) and still have 2000 naira left to make calls. Isn’t that a good way to maximize the use of your airtime? I urge you to try this out, you can try it with small airtime if you’re doubting.

That’s all for this post, if there’s any geek out there with a better trick please don’t hesitate to share by commenting on this post.
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