Tuesday, 21 June 2016

5 Password Mistakes Internet Surfers Make

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Majority of internet surfers deal with passwords every day. These passwords are used to authenticate users of interactive website so they can access some service. Passwords are very important especially when carrying out online transactions. Any password breach can lead to such things as loss of huge amount of money. This is why it is important to use passwords that are difficult to guess. Though some sites put in places policies that will force you to use strong passwords, others don’t and it is left to users to adopt difficult-to-guess passwords. Below are some of the password mistakes people make that constitute some of the web security issues on the internet today.


Use of Bio data: When you use personal information such as name, surname or date of birth as a password, you are making it easy for an intruder who has some details about you to impersonate. When trying to guess passwords, hackers try things like your name, surname, birth date, and so on. By the time a hacker attempt login into your account for about 5 times, he/she get authenticated after trying the common information about you. Usually on of such tries involves birth year, combination of birth year with day and month, or combination of birth year with day, and so on.

Using Only Alphabets: Hackers use a technique called Brute Force to carry out security breaches. The technique tries different combination of characters to succeed in gaining unauthorized access. The use of only alphabets while registering passwords It makes it easy for brute force attack to become a success. Users should try to include symbols in their passwords. This makes it stronger.

Short Passwords: The longer a password is the harder it becomes to guess. This does not mean that one should combine his/her surname with first name; this is out of the question. Rather you use combinations like your favorite food, a random number, and the name of a sibling or any other person in your family followed by a symbol. Such password combinations are impossible for hackers to guess even with brute force attack.

Using Numbers Only: Just like the sole use of only alphabets in passwords, using only numbers in passwords exposes a user account to dangers of password breach especially when the password is also short. It makes it possible for brute force attacks to succeed. 

Use of Same Password for Different Accounts: People register on many internet platforms using the same passwords. Some people even go as far as using this same password for financial platforms like PayPal. This is very risky even if it is a strong password. Once a hacker that may be on your trail for some time is able to get the password you use on a particular platform (for example social network like Facebook), he/she will surely try it on other platform you’re registered with.
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