Saturday, 18 June 2016

Implications of Amazon's Use of Drones in Delivery System

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When one think of buying tech gadgets and other stuffs online, before you think of three sites Amazon will come to your mind. Amazon is one of the most reliable and secured online stores out there. The company has introduced innovative improvements to enhance its services. One of the recent innovations Amazon is working on is the use of drones called Amazon Prime Air Drone. This move is an indication that the human delivery system has not been efficient enough.

Now this is interesting as I’m beginning to imagine the exciting site of drones airdropping orders people made online. However, considering past problems experienced with automation of activities brought about my robots, one may be forced to think twice as Amazon plan to save cost and reduce labor. Another thing to worry about is the fact that this may lead to some people losing their jobs. Though the company has presented to the public the testimonies of those that has benefitted from the drone service so far, people are not really informed about the dark side of Amazon’s new embrace of robotics.

Human labor incurs cost as some companies even go as far as insuring the health of those involved apart from putting in place things like retirement packages. This implies that Amazon will save more money and process orders faster when the laborers are replaced with robots. Some tech analysts have previously proved that when robots are first used in place of humans, they tend not to be as efficient as the humans replace. Though things get much better later, productivity was always affected negatively before this change. The Amazon drones will sure produce desired results if the problems experienced with past robotic automation are well dealt with. I hope engineers are still working in the background to further perfect the activities of the drones.

The population of jobless individuals may continue to increase if Amazon’s competitors decide to copy Amazon as people in delivery system constitute a large percentage of unionized workforces. This should instigate some reactions from not only north American employees affected, but also customers because another question to ask is: Will Amazon drones not interfere with aircrafts? The issue of safety also needs to be addressed here but it seems people are not really interested in talking about the negative effect this new Amazon technological initiative may pose. Robots can do the work of humans, in fact faster but they cannot fill the space that will be created when there is lack of some kind of emotion between customers and workers in the delivery system.

Dr. Robert M. Goldman predicted that in future, automation will make many people jobless and this is already happening with the Amazon drones as one of the latest example. In his future prediction, Dr. Robert cited another example of how a China used 3D printing technology to erect a 6-storey office building. We can imagine the number of laborers that will be affected as a result of this. I believe in the future, continuous automation will make engineers and software developers the major players in the workforce of many developed nations. Like I said this is gradually becoming a reality
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