Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Apple Patented a Way to Prevent You from Filming Shows, Concerts and the Likes

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People get excited at the thought of videoing a live event with their portable mobile gadgets so that they can review later in the comfort of their homes. This has some negative effect on the part of the organizers of such events when they intend to make money from making the video available to the general public. Some event centers politely inform people that pictures and videos are not allowed during concerts. Some museums and movie theaters also have rules stressing the dis-allowance of photography and videos. But informing people about the restrictions is where it ends. People hardly adhere to such rules and of course it is hard for those in charge to keep a crowd of thousands of people in check.

Apple has recently discovered a way to prevent people from recording events at concerts and movie theaters using their phones. The tech giant has also successfully patented the new discovery. The system works as follows; infrared emitters are installed in venues to remotely disable smartphones camera functions. The infrared beams emitted are interpreted by the smartphones camera in the arena as instructions to hinder their usage in taking pictures and recording events. This is a major breakthrough for entertainers especially musicians, comedians, and performers. After attending a show, people tend to quickly leak free videos of on the internet. Some notorious bloggers are fond of doing this. 

There are some technical setbacks to this new development. The patented system need to be incorporated into the software of phones. This makes it possible for existing phones to still succeed in filming and taking pictures even if infrared emitters are in place. Another issue to worry about is that people may not be able to take pictures of or record criminal acts performed in places where this system is used. This will be a major concern if this system is integrated into future media gadgets like Cam Coders. The sale of media gadgets may fall a bit since some people’s sole aim of purchasing them in the first place is to steal shows and post them on social media. The use of the system may be restricted to only some smart phones as Apple has made a smart move to patent it so that no other company can use it.

So where do we go from here? Are we expecting the use of Apple no-filming system anytime soon? Of course entertainers and public speakers will be happy to hear about this. But how soon can majority of event centers around the world fully implement the system? Of course in developing countries like Nigeria it may take a long time to embrace it.
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