Friday, 10 June 2016

How to Get 1GB Data with Just 100 Naira Only Using MTN StartPack

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Some days back, a post was shared on this blog on how to get some bonus on MTN BetaTalk. Here comes another cool trick to enjoy what Nigerians call “Awoof” on the MTN network. In this post you’ll learn how to get 1GB data with just 100 naira. You can actually get much more depending on how much you recharge. This trick is possible with the new MTN package called MTN StartPack. This package allow MTN subscribers to get a bonus worth five times what they recharge which means that you get 600 naira if you recharge 100 naira. This is termed "Yafun Yafun Bonus" by MTN.

Be rest assured that this trick will last for a long time as it is not some cheat that may be blocked. Another thing people may be afraid is that MTN may decide to increase their charges and make skyrocket. The reason for this is that MTN is fond of increasing call rates whenever they announce bonus on some plans. But this is a guaranteed package that works and is worth trying out.

Why is MTN given out this huge bonus?
Statistics reveal that MTN is losing subscribers to its mobile network competitor Globacom. In a bid to recover from this loss the Telecom giant MTN is putting in place many strategies and one of such is the launching of the StartPack Tariff plan. Well, while MTN is aimed at getting more subscribers we are aimed at getting more data. This plan is new and as a result many are yet to know about the benefits of migrating to it.

How it works
First thing to you need to do is buy a new MTN SIM card, make sure it is fully registered. There is no need for you do any migration, just buy MTN airtime and load it by dialing *555*PIN#. Instantly you’ll receive 500 percent bonus of your recharge. If you recharge 100 naira you’ll get 500 naira bonus which you can use to buy 1GB data. No if you recharge as high as 1000 naira then you know you’ll get 5000 naira bonus while the 1000 naira you recharge remain intact. You can now subscribe to data plan depending on how much you want to sacrifice for data by dial *123#. I as person recharged 1000 naira when I heard of this trick and use the 5000 naira bonus I got to buy 10GB data. The original 1000 naira was used for calling. You can check the status of your MTN StartPack Tariff plan by dialing *555*17#. This is a good way to enjoy lot of data and it works on a wide range of devices, from smart phones to laptop modems.
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