Saturday, 4 June 2016

Use Your MTN Airtime to Both Pay for Data Plans and Still Make Calls with Double the Amount You Recharge

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MTN is one of the telecommunication giants in Africa with large percentage of its customers in Nigeria. MTN offer both phone call and data services. The call rates depends on the package you subscribe to (MTN Zone, betaTalk, TruTalk and so on), while the data rates are constant for all packages. Normally you can either use your airtime credit to buy data or to make phone calls except you’re benefitting from a promo package. But I’ve got a trick you can leverage in order to use your airtime for both phone call and data services.

How it works
To use this trick you have to migrate to MTN BetaTalk (you can do this as long as you’re a prepaid customer). On BetaTalk you get a bonus that is double the amount of airtime you recharge. Afterwards you’re been charge 40/sec for national calls on both your main and bonus account. SMS remains at normal rate and bonus is normally used up first before charges are placed on the main account. The trick I’ll share with you on this blog allow you to pay for data plans using your main account and call using airtime on your bonus account. This is what I’m using presently and am sure only few people out there know about the trick.

The Trick
The first thing you need to do is to ensure you’re on MTN BetaTalk. If you’re already using this package then you’re a step ahead. To migrate to BetaTalk, simply dial *123*2*6#. Another way to migrate is through SMS, just text BT (meaning BetaTalk) to 131. MTN will not charge you if it is the first time you’re migrating to BT in 30 days. However 100 naira is deducted from your account for subsequent migration within the same period. You migrate in and out as much as you want but you have to stay on BT for this trick to work for you.

After migrating to BT, get a credit card from any MTN airtime vendor, load it by dialing *555*PIN#, you’ll instantly receive a bonus double the amount you recharge. You can then go ahead to subscribe to a data plan by dialing *123# and following the prompts. You can only use the money on your main account to pay for data plans. For example if your recharge 1000 naira, you get 2000 naira bonus making 3000 naira total airtime. You can use the 1000 naira on your main account to subscribe to 1.5GB data plan (valid for 30 days) and still have 2000 naira left to make calls. Isn’t that a good way to maximize the use of your airtime? I urge you to try this out, you can try it with small airtime if you’re doubting.

That’s all for this post, if there’s any geek out there with a better trick please don’t hesitate to share by commenting on this post.
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