Tuesday, 19 July 2016

3 RAD Tools for Android and iOS Preferred by Many Developers

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The desire to develop software with little or no code has continued to grow in the mind of software developers, especially the upcoming ones. To complement this, many software development tools have been released and improved upon over the years. For web based software, Content Management Systems (CMS) have made life very easy for non-coders and lazy programmers. Mobile applications have gained rapid popularity over the past decade as more smart phones reach the hands of more people around the globe. Android applications started to take over the mobile apps market as soon as Google released the Operating System (OS). 
The iOS platform has also being accepted by a reasonable number of people globally. Initially, programming tools that exist to build these apps require some coding but software developers can now use more sophisticated tools that have simplified the coding processing or require no coding at all. Am going to introduce 3 tools for Rapid Application Development (RAD) of Android and iOS applications. These tools have been putting smile to the faces of developers, thanks to some dedicated groups of programming geeks.

Buzztouch: This tool allows you to create apps without coding, after which you can still download the source code. According to a user, Buzztouch is web-based RAD software that gives you the option to stay in touch with its server after accessing the code automatically written for you or keep the code under your control. It has been a mystery how the little crew at Buzztouch are managing to deliver even without charging users exorbitant fees for monthly maintenance.

Telerik Icenium: One of the most recently released RAD tool for building iOS and Android apps. It is an integrated cloud environment that allows development using browsers. Another interesting fact about Icenium is that applications tend to be lightweight after development, which means they are only few megabytes in size and this makes them run faster and easy to download after launching. After testing an app he built with Icenium, a friend recently said: “This software is the latest bomb. I fell in love with it in no time as it is fast and easy to use. I really enjoy working with it”. Some other programmers wish there can be extensions of Icenium for other IDE they are very familiar with. This shows the extent to which preference for the RAD tool has gone.

Socialize AppMakr: Like many other RAD software for mobile apps, it is meant for non-coders and targeted at iOS and Android. A unique thing about Socialize AppMakr is that it features a social network basically aimed at connecting its users (developers) together and solving issues. Maybe that’s why the word “Socialize” is part of the tool’s name. Help forums are also available to help address various problems that may be encountered. A downside to the use of the tool is that trivial updates take long time (weeks or sometimes months). Also, the free version of the tool now automatically put ads in free apps. This is believed to be a way to force users to embrace the premium, fee-based service. So far many developers have claimed that it is easy to use and that support staffs are always at their rescue whenever they experience any technical hitch.
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