Sunday, 10 July 2016

Access to 80,000 Amazon Login Details Claimed by Hacker 0x2Taylor

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Amazon, world's largest online store may be under cyber attack as a hacker known as 0x2Taylor recently claimed to have compromise the integrity of one its servers. The server in question is said to host over 80,000 usernames and passwords. 0x2Taylor made this known after authorities at Amazon refused to heed his warnings about flaws in its hosting machines. He is the person credited with the data breach suffered by a police department in his country.

The hacker proved that the flaw exist after Amazon failed to pay the sum of 700 dollars he asked for so that the vulnerabilities will not be disclosed to the public. He twitted several times about it but the online business mogul was said to have paid no attention to it, afterwards he got impatient and let out the information to the globe. 0x2Taylor also stressed that he's no more interested in offering any help to the company in terms of security and satisfied with the damage he caused so far. He successfully uploaded the database of personal info like emails, passwords, zip codes, phone numbers, street and other system related info like user-agent, Last Login IP address, and proxy IP to a storage service known as Mega cloud. He believed Amazon is not serious about spending much on security.

Sometime after 0x2Taylor's claim, Amazon did a reset of a large number of user's passwords with the excuse that they were not stored correctly. Although there is no proof that the info was leaked to the masses, the severity of the breach was established. It is expected that the incident will make Amazon pay more attention to its security department and take necessary steps to prevent this type of attack from happening again in the future as some of the data 0x2Taylor got access to were confidential.
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