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How to Make Money Online with your Twitter Account.

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Twitter is the most popular social network after Facebook known for micro blogging. It is also used as an online avenue to promote products and services. However, many twitter users are hobbyists and fun seekers who visit the website to while away time, see trending updates, and connect with new people. They are unaware of the fact that they can earn passive income with their account. If you fall under this category of twitter users I want you to finish reading this post carefully so that you'll realize you may have been missing some opportunity.

Preparing your account 
This is not a get rich quick strategy but a way to earn extra income for those who are ready to work towards it. If you're a twitter users with a lot of followers and reasonable engagement, then you'll start making money in no time. This is because lots of followers and engagement implies that you don't just have a lot of people following you but wield some level of influence. Engagement entails responses (likes, clicks on links, expanding to see details) to your tweets. It is important because it is a major determinant factor of your klout score. For example a twitter user with 5000 followers and an average of 5 engagements per tweet will have a low klout score compared to another user with only 500 followers and an average of 100 engagements per tweet. Engagement go a long way in determining how much can earn with your twitter. So if you aspire to make some reasonable amount from your account, work towards engaging your followers as you build or grow your twitter network by post relevant tweets that target your kind of audience.

Twitter money making strategies
After growing a base of followers that, post tweets that is related to your niche and target audience. This will make them always interested in your tweets and as a result respond by liking, retweeting or clicking links on the tweets. As you work on this register on networks that can connect you with advertisers as soon as you have about 500 followers and average of 10 engagements. This is not a fixed requirement but what I recommend if you expect some connections from reasonable brands. There are many online twitter-money-making networks online but chose to stick with Sponsored Tweets. This is because sponsored tweets give you the opportunity to connect with top brands. The companies that intend to use tweeters for advertisement are given access to twitter stream of registered users and compensate those chosen. On sponsored tweets, you can increase the possibility of getting bids and direct offers by upgrading to the plans where you pay monthly. The free plans has some limitations like 5 number of bids per month and so on. Other similar sites like Paid Per Tweet exist and can be a second option if you don't like Sponsored Tweets.

Apart from using sites that connect you with advertisers you can accept direct offers if you influence is so much. For example if you have about a 100 thousand followers with high engagement, you approach companies and get paid. The higher the influence you wield on twitter, the higher the cost of your promotional tweets. This is why celebrities are using twitter and other social networks to make lots of money. Having creating a large fan base, celebrities find it easy to grow followers and engage them. I read on a blog that Kim Kardashian earn thousands of dollars for a single tweet. Money making is not meant for celebrities only, so why not turn that time you spend on tweeter into some money.

Affiliate marketing is another way of earning through twitter where you get commission for every sales of products of services made through your tweets. Check out online programs like iTunes Affiliate and Groupon Affiliate. As business man, you can use your account to promote your products or services. You can connect with other users with the same range of followers like you to exchange tweets, that is post tweets about each others business.
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