Saturday, 2 July 2016

How to Maximize Your Credit to Get Data and Call Bonus Worth Five Times Your Recharge on Airtel Get Started Package

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The present economic crisis in the country is felt by everyone, even the elites. Nigerians are looking for ways to maximally utilize their earnings. One of such is to make call and browse the internet at cheaper rates. There is good news for Airtel subscribers. Just like other mobile networks like MTN and Glo, Airtel is trying to gain more customers. The good news is that you can get five times the amount you recharge as bonus to call other Airtel subscribers. In addition to this, the subscriber will get data bonus for internet connectivity worth almost his/her recharge. How to do this will be discussed shortly.

The first thing to do is to get you an Airtel “Get Started” Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card. Try to register the SIM card at any nearby Airtel outlet. Afterwards recharge your new line by dialing *555*PIN#. Yes this is the recharge code for MTN credit cards but should not be confused with Airtel normal recharge code *126*PIN#. The MTN-like code is used for a special purpose on Airtel – to enjoy the offer introduced earlier. 

After recharging, you’ll immediately get a message notifying you that you’ve been credited with five times what you recharge to call Airtel subscribers as well as data bonus while the normal credit you load to call any network remains intact. The call and data bonuses are only valid for seven days. To check status or balance on this package, dial *556# and you’ll see a detailed report on all data and call balance. Once again *556# is used on MTN to check account balance but used for a different purpose here and is not a replacement for Airtel’s normal code for checking account balance which is *123# (MTN code for data purchase).  Another way to check only data balance of your Airtel bonus on the “Get Started” package is to dial *140# after which you’ll receive a text message. The message displays your normal data balance, Android data balance, and bonus data balance as well as validity periods.

This is how it works: If for instance you purchase Airtel recharge card of 500 naira with pin 74673888879302. Dial *555*74673888879302# and you’ll get 2500 naira bonus for Airtel to Airtel calls as well as 500MB data bonus. The codes used for recharge on this package are different from the classic Airtel codes. For instance if you still want to buy data after the bonus on this package you’ll dial *141# while normally it should be *143*PIN#. Only few people are currently aware of this offer and I advise you grab it.
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