Thursday, 7 July 2016

How to Remove Wow Slider Watermark on WordPress Slider

Wow slider helps you to create slide shows for your websites. The free version gives you all the access but there is something that differentiates the free version from the purchased one. When you finish creating the slide shows, a link appears at the bottom right corner of it called watermark. This is not desirable and there have been many posts that provide a way to get around this. Wow slider is available in form of a plugin on WordPress and the same thing applies as regards the link that appears. However, because wow slide shows are implemented on WordPress in a different way called WordPress Slider, there’s hardly been any post that talks about removing the link to wow slider website on WordPress wow slide shows.

On non-WordPress sites, the watermark on wow slider slide shows are removed by editing the wowslider.js javascript file in the engine folder. This is one of the files created after publishing the slide show. However this files change and are placed in different folders when the slide show is published as a WordPress slider. When the slide show is published as a WordPress slider, the files are zipped and placed in the folder you specified. To remove the wow slider link, do the following:
1.    Locate the zipped file and unzip it.
2.    Open the folder you just unzipped and locate the install folder.
3.    Look for script.js javascript file and open using any editor of your choice. I recommend Dreamweaver for this tutorial.
4.    When the file is opened press the key combination Ctrl + F and type “contextmenu” in the search box without the quote.
5.    Followed by this is “function(c){return false}).show()”. This is the function that displays the wow slider link. All you have to do is change this to “function(c){return false}).hide()”.

Now that is for the code part. While creating the slide show, wow slider free version always tag the slide images with the watermark. This has to be removed. To do this:
1.    Locate and open the images folder.
2.    Locate the folder containing the original images you use when creating the slide show.
3.    Rename the images with the exactly the same name of those in the image folder you opened.
4.    Replace all the images in the image folder with the original images you just renamed.
5.    Zip the wow slider files again and upload to WordPress. You will discover that the watermark is not shown when the slide show display in your browser.

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