Monday, 15 August 2016

5 Great Tips for Driving Organic Traffic to Your Site

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Search engines are major sources of traffic to sites that rank high in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google, bing and other major search engines are major players in driving organic traffic (search engine traffic) to a site. All site owners and bloggers are always happy when there is an upsurge of traffic to their website or blog. Either you are an hobbyist or you're making money with your site, you get encouraged to post more content if the number of people viewing your site increase from time to time. I am going to share 5 great tips that will help make your site show up in search results. These are tip I've tried myself and has been working for me. Though I may not be getting huge traffic yet but I've noticed a reasonable audience after working on my site SEO. I use to record 30 to 50 page views per day few months after I started this blog but after doing the stuffs am going to discuss with, I went from 150 - 200 page views per days. It continued to increase, sometimes I record 500 and yesterday almost a thousand page views. I know this is not going to stop as long a I continue to post.

Content Optimization: One of the major things that helps in SEO is quality content that is relevant to your blog niche. Avoid writing out-niche-contents and make sure the content of any post is closely linked to the title. The keywords of your post must reflect the title. This helps a lot as search engines pay attention to the title of posts a lot. The more words in your post title appear in the post content as keywords, the better the chances of that post appearing in search engines. When Content Management Systems like Blogger, WordPress and the rest are not used, developers should pay attention to the right use of HTML tags. For instance the H1 tag should be used for major headings of a post instead of just making the post bold and increasing font size. One last thing to put in mind is the fact that it pays to write quality, relevant content that are at least 500 words and avoid repeating words or phrases too many times.

Don't Try to Fool Search Engines: When writing content, put your audience first and think more of how the post will benefit them instead focusing on tricks intended to make search engines rank you higher. It is a well known fact that a website rank higher when other sites (especially the big ones) link to it. So what some bloggers and developers do it create bogus links to their sites all over the internet. Some even go as far as using the service of doorway sites to draw traffic and links to their site. This is not advisable and does not add anything good to your site's reputation. As a matter of fact, google can penalize you by blocking your site from their search results.

Internal and External Links: Internal links are links created by you to target some part of your site while external links point to other domains. Dexterous use of both will surely give your site an edge over other site in search results. It is good when external links from other sites link to your site as this increase your rank. When you link to other site, you contribute to increasing that site's rank. Use descriptive words for your internal and external links and make sure the internal links are more than your external links.

Let Search Engines Know About Your Site: You want to your site to appear when people use search strings relating to your niche right? Then you have to make the service in charge of that more aware of your site's existence. Since Google and Bing are the major search engines out there it best to verify with Google webmaster program and add Bing Webmaster tools to your site. 

Create a Sitemap: A site map lists are links available on your site. Creating it is easy and you can exclude some links you don't want to be listed. Sitemaps help search engines index your site faster and increase your sites relevance. Google XML Sitemaps are also great tools for installing sitemaps on your site.

These are basic SEO tips that can be of great use to startup and advanced bloggers. If you're adventurous and want to know more about SEO I advise you get yourself a copy of "SEO Step by step - The complete beginners to getting traffic from google" or better still The Seven Steps to SEO Success on Google.
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