Thursday, 25 August 2016

Send, Receive, and Make Money Online through VoguePay

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There are many payment gateways for online transactions but not many offer a convenient and flexible way to sell products online, send, and receive money. VoguePay offers a fast, reliable, easy to integrate online transaction solution. It is a place to be for business tycoons, merchants and web developers that want to move their business forward. In this post I will explain why you should use VoguePay to send, receive, and make money. This payment gateway is becoming very popular as it makes it easy to send money to and from Africa. Vogue Web Solution uses strong security measures put in place by Geo Trust Incorporation, one of the best in terms of online security.

Secured Online Transfer of Funds: The hassles people encounter when they go to banks to send or receive money has led to more individuals embracing cashless policies. However, if one is not lucky to find a good service frustration can set in and some usually end up going back using traditional methods. You need to register at VoguePay for free and at no hidden cost. There is a lot to gain from this if you're looking for an online payment gateway for quick and reliable transfer of funds. Click here to get started. With VoguePay, sending, receiving and exchanging funds locally or globally has never been simpler.

Easy Integration: Web developers pay important role in e-commerce and as a result vogue has put in place plugins and tools these set of people always find very easy to integrate. It will be a big privilege for business men whose developers are yet to know about vogue if they introduce it to them. Business on using VoguePay can accept payments from anywhere around the world by using free and easy to install tools, plugins and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) on their online store. Click here to register for free now!

Affiliate Programs: This is an interesting offer from Vogue Web Solution I will not like you to miss. Once you registered on VoguePay and start using the service, you are entitled to the affiliate program where you receive commission on every transaction fee charged for the person you refer. This is how it actually works, when you apply for the affiliate program, you're given a link that contains your merchant ID. You are expected to copy and paste this link on your blog, website, social profiles (Facebook, twitter, and so on). If anyone get registered through your link, you'll start getting commission whenever that person performs any transaction. Developers stand a better chance of earning through this means as the affiliate codes made available to them help display banners that attract online surfers to click them. 

Register now @ VoguePay and move to the next level.
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