Saturday, 10 September 2016

5 Things to Keep in Mind when Integrating VoguePay Payment Gateway

Recently I integrated VoguePay payment gateway into a client website. I feel it will be beneficial to share my experience with lovers of this blog that are web developers. It was a nice experience even though I had some issues. The issues were as a result of the fact that I was new to the system. I wrote a post on this blog about VoguePay few weeks ago but it was just to share how I feel about their services. 

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The major motivation behind the post is the wonderful experience I had working with their support team. They were there for me all through, encouraging me with prompt response to my mails. The aim of this second post about VoguePay is to keep you informed on five major things you should keep in mind when preparing to integrate VoguePay Payment Gateway. These are things you must do to successfully integrate the system. 

Registration and Merchant ID
On VoguePay, registration is free and easy. All you have to do is filling in necessary details of your client and ask the individual to confirm his/her account by clicking a link sent to the email provided. After a successful registration, the profile is set up and a merchant ID is assigned to it. The merchant ID is the key data that will be used when integrating using any technology.

Business Verification

Before payment can be received on a website, the business for which the business is built must be verified. The verification depends on whether the business is fully registered or not. If it is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), there is a need to upload scanned copies of the CAC documents and other documents like utility bill and any means of national identification. Otherwise there will be a need to upload just your means of identification. The first option presently cost 1500 naira while the second cost 2500 naira. On VoguePay, there are different classes of business depending how big a firm is.

Transaction Charge
After integration, VoguePay charges some percentage for every transaction carried out on their payment platform. For local transactions, the charge is 2.5% while for international transaction it is about 4.5%. This transaction charge can be shifted to the customers; the choice depends on your client’s decision.

VoguePay Reward Developers
VoguePay recognize the importance of developers and try to reward them through affiliate programs and commissions. VoguePay provide its developers with a code to participate in its affiliate programs. When you refer another developer you receive 30% of the charge on every transaction done on the website the referred developer integrated VoguePay. This is for two years. Developers also get commission from the websites they integrate. This is why developers should be interested in the progress of the website on which VoguePay is integrated.

Payment Maturity
Whenever payments are received on VoguePay, it reflects on the profile but cannot be withdrawn until it matures, i.e. until it reflects on the matured balance on your profile. This usually takes at most 48 hours. Whatever amount on the matured balance can then be withdrawn into any bank account provided. VoguePay stressed that this is for security reasons. It is to avoid fraud and make irregularities easily handled.
That is all I have for you on VoguePay today. Next post about the gateway will be on how to integrate it using woo commerce – an e-commerce plugin for WordPress sites.
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  1. Hello,how did u integrate them ? I am stuck with their xml or json file.. I dont quite understand how to deal with the notification page.

    Any help will be apprecited. Thanks.


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