Friday, 21 October 2016

How to Monetize your Mobile App or Website with Facebook

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Are you a seasoned mobile app and web developer looking forward to making money from your websites? Then this post is meant for you. Two months ago, a friend of mine who I know is very skilled when it comes for web programming for mobile devices built a GPS app. The app recorded reasonable number of downloads and someone suggested he start making money from. We research and stumbled on Facebook Ad Network for developers among other options. Yes Facebook Ads service is not meant for only advertisers, developers are also given the opportunity to make some money. We implemented it on the app Sammy my friend got his first payment of 150 dollars this month and this will grow as more people download his wonderful app. 

Difference between Normal Website, Mobile Website, and Mobile App

I know you're already thinking of how this works but before I go further, I will like to briefly discuss the differences between a normal website, mobile website and a mobile app. A normal website is basically designed to work efficiently on personal computers with bigger screens. Examples are desktops and laptops. When such sites are visited on smaller devices, the user experience is not always encouraging, data consumption is high, and visitors may get pissed off. A mobile website on the other hand is designed to work on devices with smaller screens. Examples of such devices are tablets, Android, iOS, or Blackberry phones. Mobile websites have features meant to make them responsive on these devices. The last category is that of mobile applications. Mobile applications are not rendered within browsers unlike the other two. They are installed on mobile devices and cannot work on bigger personal computers. This post is aimed at helping developers of mobile websites and app monetize their intellectual products.

How to Monetize your Mobile Web or App on Facebook

Of course I know many people out there are signed up on Facebook (you just have to be for this to work). However if you're not, you can sign up here. Once logged in, visit Facebook for Developers. This is where you can learn to use Facebook APIs on your websites and apps. On the Facebook for Developers section you'll see such things as the like and share buttons and tools you can you to integrate them to your website. But what we're interested in for now is the Mobile Monetization option. It is easy to find and as shown below. Click it to get started. Click the start now button on the pages that follow and provide the information the setup wizard requires.
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