Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How to Promote on Social Media without Spending on Ads

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Business men, bloggers, internet enthusiasts, and other online users always have something to promote on social media. Some people are capable of paying daily for campaigns and adverts to fast track the promotion of their business or services. Many others are weak in this aspect and need other means of reaching a large audience to promote their cause. The good news is that there many ways to reach out to a large number of people without having to spend money. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus are all good online social media tools you can use to make things work out for good. I'm going to discuss some tips can will gradually help your audience to grow and this will surely work for you if you're ready to commit yourself. Below are some helpful tips worth taking note of.

Create Pages that Target Your Intended Audience

The first thing to do is to set up an online spot where people interested in your niche can visit to know more about your cause, products or services. Facebook pages are wonderful tools for improving your audience. When people like a Facebook, they are able to see posts from the page. Though Facebook is somehow limiting the number of people that can see posts from the page of users not participating in ad services, the possibility of your posts been seen increases with more likes. This is why you have to be in whatever you do on the page. A good way to start getting good number of likes is to invite your Facebook friends to like your page. You can also create a community on your Google plus profile as well as use twitter accounts. Since you don't intend to use any premium services, there are some best practices you need to follow and they are discussed next.

Post Engagingly Regular Intervals

Whatever platform you may be using, make sure you write posts at least three times in a week. You don't have to compose different posts for every network. Once you have a good one, you can replicate it on other networks. Always try to post about things that can trigger comments from people. This will make your page more interactive and make people to always look forward to next post. Whatever you're writing on should be closely related to the name of your page and your niche. It is what your fans expect when they like your page.

Link Your Website to Your Social Media Pages

If you have a functioning website or a blog, it is a very beneficial thing and good practice to provide links that will share your posts to the social networks you have profile from. This will help refer other social media geeks interested whatever you're sharing to your site. Some them may turn out to be loyal, daily visitors to your site. Just don't stop feeding them with interesting stuffs. You'll know the effect of sharing when you analyze the traffic statistics on your site. There is always a record of referring sites on blogging platforms and content management systems. The case is different if your site is coded from the scratch. Another thing you can do is to add the Facebook like API to your site so that visitors can like your Facebook page without leaving the site.

 Use Automatic Tools if Possible

To save you the stress of having to paste your blog post links on social media profiles yourself, some platforms like WordPress have plugins that auto-share your blog post to every social media network you're registered. This does not mean they have access to your password as you only provide the service with permissions while setting up. On my WordPress blog, a plugin automatically share my posts to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus profiles. A good third party service can be found here. But you still have to profile your readers with share buttons so that they can help you extend your reach if they feel your post is worth it. This cannot be automated.

It is important to note that the tips above works better if you're consistent. Also, don't expect an upsurge of traffic after following the tips but look forward to gradual improvement.
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