Saturday, 26 November 2016

3 Helpful Tips on How to Safe Guard Your Social Media Profiles

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Online Social media today is a major source of information, fun, and networking. For many people, Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, google plus, and so on are the daily go-to sites for many internet geeks. These sites comes to the mind of many people first (especially teenagers) whenever they think of meeting new friends, starting a discussion, chat or promote products and services.

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Some individuals do much more serious things on these online networks other than just having fun. Such people fund adverts on them and have their card details with Facebook. It is therefore necessary to put in place security measures when surfing the net for whatever purpose at all. Below are three helpful tips: 

Use Hard-to-guess Passwords
When registering on any network, always endeavour to make sure the password you chose is a mixture of numbers, symbols, Upper and lower case letters. This will make it impossible for hackers to find out your password even when they use a brute force trial and error attack. Geeks are fond of using date of birth, pet name, and other familiar things as passwords. This is dangerous especially when you have sensitive information stored in your profile. Of course you don't want to lose all that confidential company files you store on your google drive to security breach.

Delete Login Details After Using A Computer That's not Yours
Many a times when we try to login to access online profiles, the browser may ask to remember passwords. You are advised to opt out if the device is not yours. Even if you own the PC or portable device but share with others please always opt out. The site can also ask to always keep you logged in. Don't tick the check box for that option, it is not safe. 

Install Antivirus and Anti Spyware on Your Systems
Antivirus are meant to protect computing systems from malicious softwares that hamper proper function of the system. However, modern virus and spywares are very sophisticated and can steal confidential data while surfing the net. This is why you need to install antivirus and anti spyware programs that will scan regularly to keep malicious program codes in check. It is also important that you update them regularly.
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