Tuesday, 27 December 2016

How to Earn More Units to Access Exclusive Services on Afrizle

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Last article was about a new Social Network aimed at connecting Africans across the globe - AFRIZLE. It offers to pay bonus for articles that attract thousands of visitors. Well there are other ways to make money on Afrizle. This is through some of its exclusive services. Exclusive Services can only be accessed when you have enough units. Now how do you get units?
When you register on Afrizle, you are given 1000 units which you can start using after creating a profile (i.e. after completing your registration). But you'll need more to access most of the exclusive services. Afrizle rewards you for every page you visit with one unit. But you can get more buy creating articles, commenting on articles, creating frizles (more like Afrizle short posts), replying frizles and so on. You may be surprised to know that you get 10 units every time you invite friends to Afrizle by email. You do this by clicking the invite link. Just stay active and before you know it you're having tens of thousands of units. Units allow you to access such money making exclusive services as Cash Quiz and Triple 10 game. The former reward you with up to 200 dollars (about 50,000 naira) when you get all quiz questions right while the latter is based on luck. With the Triple 10 game you can make up to 700 dollars (about 200,000) naira. You'll need 10,000 units to access each service. Afrizle is making provision to sell units to those that can't wait for their units to build up. Members will get over 10k units for less than a dollar.
Login to start exploring the goodies Afrizle have is stock for you. Register if you're yet to because Afrizle allow you to blog at no cost.
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