Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Make money meeting people and writing articles about events around you

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It's been a long time I feed my readers with some internet info and my stats show some are leaving the site. I apologize for staying away so long but I've not been playing. I've been busy with some projects. Now its time to bounce back. So what do I have for you today? 

As the topic implies, just two websites that can earn you money writing articles about events around you. Some may be wondering how. But before I delve into that, I'll like to digress a little bit and briefly explain how thriving websites make their money. When a site becomes so engaging that a lot of people visit it then the website is ripe enough to start making money through advertisements which may be direct or through third parties like Google Adsense. The number of visits to a site over a period of time is known as Traffic. The more traffic a website has, the more the ad revenue it is capable of generating. Many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on, make money from the fact that you visit their site and post content. Content is key when it comes to generating content. You spend data and time posting content and they refuse to give you some fraction of the ad revenue even when your post go viral. Don't you think it is time to switch and share your data between sites that earn you lots of fun, those that earn you money, and the ones that earn you both. 

Now where do you switch to? Below are two websites launched barely two months ago where you get paid whenever your posts go viral. Registration is free and just a click away.


Afrizle is the latest social network launched December this year. The site is aimed at connecting Africans and empowering them with a tool to make extra income by posting original content. The amount is in dollars but I'm not sure how much. Afrizle pay for interactions (Facebook likes and Afrizle hypes) as well as unique views on articles. You can cash out your earnings when it is up to 50 dollars. This is a good way to make extra income online by investing just your internet connection and little time. There are other means of making money on Afrizle like quiz, Triple 10 instant lotto and so on. These are exclusive services your access with units. Afrizle members are rewarded with units for every activity. You get units when you visit Afrizle pages, comment on articles, post on your board, reply posts and so on. Join the network now and start earning while connecting with people and having fun.

Linda Ikeji Social

Linda Ikeji is the highest paid blogger who started making money through her blog on Google's Blogspot. Late this year she decided to start a social network where she will combine blogging with social networking. Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) is the result of implementing the idea. She use the expertise of a web developer to set up the social network and a lot of her blog followers quickly became members of the network within weeks. On LIS, there is a wallet attached to your profile as soon as you register where all your earnings for posting original stories are stored. Recently She dished out millions of naira to her most active members

It is important to know that these are not get-rich-quick networks but if you're ready to watch out for those events that are capable of generating large traffic, then there is hope of making something tangible. The two sites are mobile-friendly i.e. they display well on hald held devices and tablets.
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