Saturday, 14 January 2017

Apple to launch 3 new iPads in 2017

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Tech company Apple is seriously working on launching new sets of iPads this year. The iPads produced in recent past generated complains from many lovers of the phone. They may be reluctant to go for the ones yet to be released when they're finally out for sale. Or will these new set of iPads come with specs that will force even gadget lovers that aren't iPad-freaks to want to have them? The launch of the awaited three new models will answer our question.

Apple is working on 12.9-inch, 10-10.5 inch and 9.7-inch versions of its tablet. A new A10X chip will be the processor of the first two while the last will feature a Samsung-made A9 processor. To make price cheaper, smallest model may come with lower-end specs. The intention will be to attract more buyers. It is also perceived that first two these new set of Apple phones are higher end versions of iPad Pro and iPad Air 3 respectively.
There are doubts that these phones may not succeed in terms of sale at least in the first six month of sales. This is due to the fact that Apple has not really live up to expectation in recent past to enhance its software in terms of cross platform compatibility. The company force consumers of their software to use Apple phones. Also, because there are many alternative and cheaper Android phones with similar capabilities, the company may find it difficult to maintain its place in the tablet phone market this year.

This year there are many enticing products from other companies to look out for that may pose competition for the new set of Apple iPads. A good example is the dual functionality Windows laptops and XPS 13 from Dell. There exist similar convertible products that can act both as a tablet and as a laptop from Acer, Lenovo, and HP. 

Will Apple continue to rule the tablet market this year? Perhaps Apple should also focus on its naming conventions for its iPads this year. 
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Friday, 13 January 2017

Nintendo Switch Game Console Fully Unveiled

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Popular game company, Nintendo recently dish out full information about its game console that will be released march 3rd of this year. I call this game console "flexibly convertible". The reason is because you can play your favorite game on this console like a mobile PSP and also connect to your TV at home for a wider view. It is both a home and hand held console. The console is expected to cost about $299.99. I'm going to briefly talk about the hardware specification and the games that will be available for the console.


As said earlier, switch is a dual console. The hand held console is detachable and features a connection to your TV so that you can also enjoy it as a home console. For home, there are two controllers that can be used as single or separately for two players. Everything about this console is flexible from the screen to the controllers. It also features a screen that can be used with the controllers attached or a standalone multiplayer mode. I know you're waiting to hear about the brain of this computer. Switch has embedded, a powerful Tegra processor from Nvidia. The console is "also supported by fully custom software, including a revamped physics engine, new libraries, advanced game tools and libraries. Nvidia additionally created new gaming APIs to fully harness this performance" according to Nvidia. One thing to know also is that the game get automatically upgraded graphically when docked. An expandable 32GB of internal storage will also be part of this phone's spec. The batteries can last up to 6 hour hours and can be recharged with USB connectivity. 

Nintendo Switch Virtual Console Games

Reliable sources such as Eurogamer revealed that some game cube games will be available and more added later. Research is also ongoing for the development of an emulator. Find out more about the games here.

That's all I have for you about the Nintendo Switch console for now. Subscribe to email notification to get updated when the game is released.
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Monday, 9 January 2017

Samsung Launches Long Awaited iOS Apps for Gear Smartwatches

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When Samsung Gear wearable accessories were released, the need for some important apps was obvious. Tech geeks were expectant and patiently waiting for the release of relevant apps. As expected Samsung finally announced the release of some apps for the wearable accessories. These include Gear S3 and Gear S2 smartwatches as well as Gear Fit 2 fitness tracker. This is relief of owners iPhones of these accessories as they were only compatible with Android devices. Now they can be used with iPhones.

According to Samsung, with the Gear S app, one can download and install apps on the smartwatches. Other capabilities are; pushing notifications from the phone to watch, syncing health and fitness data with S Health. This is a great leap in developing hi tech software for the products. This is the first time we see this kind of full compatibility to Samsung's wearable devices. However, Samsung's full range of similar devices are yet to be supported. A good example is IconX wireless earbuds. Plans may be in place for this. Who knows.
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