Monday, 16 April 2018


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Hi geeks and coders, hope you're all doing great. It's been a long while I feed my readers with some goodies. That's because of my new job as a frontend developer at VerifyMe Nigeria. I apologize for the long absence. It's been very challenging at my new company but it's all good as my work there help me build myself.

As the topic may have hint you, I'm writing this post to tell you about an opportunity for web developers looking for much better offer. I stumbled on this information on facebook and feel it will be of help to both employed and unemployed developers. Honey Pot is the company offering this opportunity. They collect your information and work history and connect you with companies in Europe. 

Actually there are two things you can gain from this site. You can get a job and also make money by reffering other developers. How does this work? All have to do is refer a developer and make over 510 euros when the person get hired. You're provided with a referral link with which you direct people to the site. I just got this information and feel the smart guys should grab the opportunity. 

Click here to get started. There is no harm in trying. It's free!
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