Saturday, 24 November 2018

Website Design Promo for Nigerian Business Owners

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This post is aimed at two groups of business owners - those who are actively looking for how or who to help them set up their website and those who do not really know why having a website is important.

The first category of people can be assumed to know the importance of owning a business website. While the other category is a group of people that need to be enlightened.

Responsive websites that display well on all devices is a must have for any business

Why Do I Need A Business Website?

This is a very good question as it is important for a business owner to know why he/she should be spending money on a service. One of the major reason why your business needs a website is that it helps generate clients/customers which in turn leads to more revenue. A website gives you a global presence so that any individual from any corner of the world can have a detailed view of your business from the comfort of their home. Whether you run a small, medium or large business, a website gives you a more professional image. This is an edge over your competitors.

Another reason to have to a website is that prospective customers need data from your website to decide whether they'll patronize you or not. Let's say you sell shoes and have an online or e-commerce shop set up for your shoe business. A customer may need reviews by other customers to decide on the kind of shoe to buy. A website makes it easy for customers to reach you and pay for your products or services. 

Other reasons why you need a website are as follows:
  1. 24/7 online availability. No close of business on the internet.
  2. Marketing is made easier
  3. Gives you a voice and adds credibility to your business
  4. Helps to make business goals and decisions
There are other reasons but what is covered so far are the major ones. 

How Can I Get A Website

The time to get the website you need is now! Ranging from small to large businesses, there are solutions at very reasonable rates. What is charged depends on what you really need. Presently we are offering a web design and development promo from the time this post was published to January 27th, 2019. The promo features 30% price slash as well as additional benefits. Some of them are:

  1. Free online marketing on Facebook and google for one week
  2. bulk SMS blasts
  3. Unlimited Custom emails.
  4. Customer support
  5. Social Media Pages Setup for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
Below is a much broader price (in naira) list of websites categorized accordingly:

  1. Online shop: 120,000 
  2. Basic Website: 40,000
  3. Personal Blog: 25,000
  4. School Website: 170,000
  5. News website: 60,000
  6. Entertainment Website: 150,000
  7. Social Network: 600,000
  8. Hotel Website: 150,000
  9. Other categories: Subject to further negotiation
The rates above are for the first year, 50% of this is what is payable for subsequent yearly renewals. However, prices may vary slightly depending on what you really want.

Call 07038532564 when you make up your mind and you'll forever be glad you did as I'll be at my professional best to serve you. You can also click here to see full contact details

Below is a list of some of the recent websites I launched for some clients; Click each of them to navigate to the website.
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