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About Femi Tech Inn

Welcome to Femi Tech Inn (FTI) - An Information and Communication Technology (ICT) blog aimed at giving you a technical edge as well keep you updated with recent emerging trends in the ICT world.

About Blog Owner
My name is Ayodele Olufemi. I am a computer engineer, blogger, web developer and programming enthusiast. I love anything related to information technology and computer science and as a result I always find my self either learning one IT skill or the other or engaging in computer science research. I also carefully study social networking sites, offers from mobile networks and trends in the World Wide Web. As a result I am well informed and updated when it comes to news relating to mobile networks in Nigeria and Online Social Networks (OSN) like facebook, twitter and the likes.

What Gave Birth To This Blog?

As an ICT professional and computer scientist that love writing articles on issues in the ICT world and provide tutorials on how to solve various technical problems, it is my belief that a lot of people out there can benefit from my ideas, experience and tech news updates. Also it is a widely accepted fact that no one is an island of knowledge, i am very much interested in the comments of users of this blog as i can also benefit from an interactive blog post. The zeal to make a positive impact on ICT geeks and smart phone users out there has led to the creation of this blog. Cool tips and tricks on how to maximize the use of mobile network services in Nigeria is shared on this blog

What To Expect

 Each time you find yourself here, be sure you are getting free access to educative ICT related posts as well as updates on smart phone reviews and tech news in general. Below is a list of the what the posts on this blog are about:

  • Mobile Networks in Nigeria
  • General Tech tips and tricks
  • Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.)
  • Blogging Tips
  • Web developer Guide
  • Smart Phone and laptop Reviews
  • Trending Tech Updates
  • Web Security

Other Services

I work with a crew of certified individuals to provide ICT services to interested individuals and companies. Visit the Services page for more information about available services.