Femi Tech ICT Services has enviable history of jobs done for blogs, SMEs and top registered business brands making waves in Nigeria. Below are the recent achievements:


Future cooperative is a responsive website developed for ecommerce purpose. Future Cooperative Stores bring sellers of various quality products together under one umbrella and help sell theirs for reasonable commission. It was developed using front-end technologies HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript aw well as bootstrap. The site's back-end is programmed using PHP server-side programming language and MySQL database. 


AFRIZLE is an online social network aimed at connecting Africans and lovers of the African contitent across the globe. Basic services are forum, messaging, meeting new people, and exclusive services. Join now to find out more!



Petroli is a unisex brand like Diesel, Replay, and Levi's, registered under Roxford Technologies Nigeria Limited. This Shoe manufacturing company produce a wide variety of uniquely designed shoes for both men and women. They also produce children foot wears as well suitable boots for uniform men. Petroli is making plans to sell clothing and fashion accessories on their site. The website developed for Petroli is an e-commerce site secured with Secure Socket Layer. Shoes can be reliably bought on this site without any transaction hassle. Click the link below to visit the site.



Teerifix Fashion

Teerifix Fashion is a fashion company based in Nigeria. The company has an e-commerce site proudly powered by Femi Tech just like Petroli. At Teerifix website, you can shop for all kinds of high quality fashion products ranging from perfumes, shoes, bags, dresses, and so on. Click the image below to visit the site. Fashion products bought from Teerifix online store can be shipped to anywhere in Nigeria, UK, and USA.


Smallville Technologies

Smallville Technologies is a company into real estate, project management and ICT solutions such as networking and intercom.



Isiagu is an Igbo traditional blog that showcase the Ibo culture and educate the public about way of life of in the southeastern part of Nigeria. The blog was designed using the self-hosted WordPress platform. The blog features interviews with igbo celebrities, how to make Ibo dishes, festivals and so on. For more information about this blog, click the image link below.


The above are the most recent jobs. Femi Tech ICT Services have been managing sites for other registered companies like Tym Frontiers Limited, Aphunkee Global Ventures, and some other small businesses. Past Jobs not related to Web Development are follows:

1 Computer Networking of Pedmu Ventures CyberCafe, Adegbayi, Old Ife Road, Ibadan. Oyo State.

2 Bulk SMS Service for Networking Marketing Agents in Ibadan.

3 Computer Maintenance and Repair Services for De Prince Abay Guest House, Aiyepe, Ijebu. Ogun State.


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