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Daily activities of most organizations depend on some indispensable digital services. Contact Femi Tech Inn (FTI) by visiting the Contact Page for the following services at affordable rates:

Web Design and Development: Femi Tech Inn is a mobile company capable of creating an amazing online presence for any businesses, be it small-scale, medium or large scale organizations. The rich user interfaces of websites we've designed are user-friendly and always leave a lasting impact on visitors.

Bulk SMS: Sometimes it is better to reach people through the Short Message Service (SMS) as it is a very fast way of alerting customers or clients about changes in products and services. One can also introduce products and services to people using this method. Bulk SMS enable you to send a message targeting a large number of individuals just once. FTI provide this service at one of the cheapest rates.
Graphics Design: Do you need a logo, card design, covers and other related graphics services? Femi Tech Inn can deliver. Just give your specification and see that unique design you've been dreaming about come to reality.
Computer Networking: It is necessary that a well planned organization network the computers used by the employees of the firm to share resources and services. This will increase the speed at which work is done, minimize cost and enhance the company's ICT standards. Networking services available at Femi Tech Inn ranges from basic LAN implementation to WAN networks, especially those using Cisco switches and routers. 
Computer Maintenance and Repair services: Call the numbers on the contact page immediately your computing system start developing faults and a PC tech will be at your rescue. Repair and maintenance services are also available for companies.
Software development (Including Android Apps): Mastery of many programming languages and experience gathered from past works has prepared the crew at Femi Tech Inn for the development of that custom software you've been planning to make available to your staffs in order to accomplish some unique tasks.
Training: We provide training services to company staffs and individuals interested in acquiring ICT skills like web design, programming, Android app development, La-Tex typing, computer networking, computer repairs, desktop publishing, graphics design and lots more.
The ICT Crew at Femi Tech Inn work hand in hand to provide the above services at reasonable rates. Some services such as training, networking, repair and maintenance are available to clients in Ibadan and Lagos area of Nigeria. The rest can be accessed from any part of the world. Just visit the Contact Page to reach us.


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